Wood floor purchase avoids three traps

Wood flooring is very popular in today's home decoration, and the market is widening. However, the quality of the market may be problematic, and now more and more attention is paid to environmental protection, but even so, there are various kinds in the market. Sample materials with pollution sources, so pay attention to the purchase of wood flooring.

Pay attention to the notch and thickness of the wooden floor

This is also the most important place to buy the floor. The length of the slot is the common method of cutting corners. The floor area is calculated by the width and length of the board. The shorter the slot, the wider the board. However, the pavement will be easy to produce sound; the thickness of the wooden floor is 18mm, and the thickness of many wooden floors on the market is 17.5mm. The less than 0.5mm is modified from the insufficient thickness of the wood or the curved plate. The wooden floor will be arched, corrugated, etc. after paving.

Pay attention to the wooden floor that cannot be colored

Additive wood flooring will cover up some of the quality problems of the wood flooring itself, cover up some repairing processes, color the wells, notches, and backs, and the color difference is small, the panels look beautiful, and it is difficult to see the coloring. Wood flooring, but after the pavement went up, because the board surface was repaired, a series of problems such as cracking, blasting, etc. appeared, even if we later polished and repaired it did not help. So be sure to look at the purchase, it is best to have quality assurance.

Attention to paint

When buying wood flooring, you must ask about the type of paint. At present, there are basically two types of wood floor paints in the market: pu paint, uv paint, pu paint is not environmentally friendly, and benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful substances are extremely high. It is recommended not to buy. Another type of uv paint is divided into two categories: ordinary bright surface spray uv paint and roller uv paint, ordinary bright surface spray uv paint needs to be waxed often, life is 2-3 years; roller uv paint surface is hemp The surface is usually matte, which is more wear-resistant than ordinary bright-surfaced uv paint.

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