Winter bathroom heater Yuba, heaters in the end who is easy to use?

One, Yuba PK heater

Yuba and heaters in the end which is better? First of all, one point, where we have a special type of bathroom heaters Yuba warm, and heaters refers to the wind-warming type Yuba, in fact, is the warm type of Yuba and warm wind Yuba Which is better? Well, we are starting to compare one by one now!

Appearance contrast:

Yuba: General selection of high-quality polymer PC materials, combined with the latest painting process, inserting high-quality float glass mirror, fully demonstrated luxury. The all-metal ultra-thin cabinet saves space in the bathroom and makes installation more reasonable. It is recommended that the distance between the bathroom fighter and the human body is greater than 50 CM or it is easily burned.

Heater: It is divided into three types: head-up (up and down), head (left-right) and desktop (also wall-mounted). The desktop heater has a novel appearance and can also play a decorative role. Wall-mounted heaters use air-conditioning design, beautiful and do not take up space.

Edit Comment:

In order to tie in with consumers who are increasingly pursuing fashion personality, Yuba manufacturers are constantly improving the technical content while changing the appearance of Yuba, or exquisite beauty, or subtle elegance. However, the deaf people think that as a practical product in the private space, it is not important to be pretty or beautiful. The key is the strong and durable function!

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 Generally, for applications that require smaller diameters, Solid Carbide End Mills are recommended even for roughing and semi-finishing.

OPT present to our clients a wide variety of solid Carbide End Mills, these tools are used for cutting cast iron, aluminum, copper, stainless, bronze, heat treated metals and so on. Clients should choose the right solid carbide end mills according to different machined materials, and seclect whether coated or coolant is needed per applications.



Suitable for dynamic milling

One tool for many materials

Cost effective tools


Mills with 1, 2, 3 , 4,or 6 cutting edges

Roughing as well as finishing cutters

A selection of various geometries, comom used type are End mills, Radius end mills, Conical end mills and Roughing end mills etc.

Suitable for regrinding


Flexible in order quantity:

Samples can be provided before mass production, and MOQ can be discussed accordingly.



Solid Carbide End Millssolid carbide end millsSolid Carbide End MillsSolid Carbide End MillsSolid Carbide End MillsSolid Carbide End MillsSolid Carbide End Mills8


Solid Carbide End Mills


Solid Carbide End Mills


product equipment


     We are specialize in manufacturing PCD diamond tools and Carbide tools. Our major product inclulde PCD Inserts , PCD Reamers , PCD End Mills, PCD Taps, Cabide Inserts,Carbide Drills, Carbide Reams, Taps etc., 

     We also offered customized cutting tools per drawings, and provide package according to customer requirements. We manufacture a series range of cutting tools for machining of Cast iron, Aluminium alloy and Non-Ferros metal, it is widely used in all major sectors like Automobiles, Engineering, Aerospace, Aviation and 3C industry. Premium quality of raw material is used in the production and strict examination during processing with advanced equipment, so our client are satisfied with our reliable quality and on-time delivery.

    Our best selling of cutting tools include PCD Inserts, PCD End Mill , PCD Ball Nose Mill, PCD Reamer , Carbide Taps , Carbide End Mill , Special Form Cutter and many more. For these years we have been made a large forward in the technologies of manufacturing cutting tools. With high quality on performance and price, our product sells well both on domestic and overseas market. And we will always focus on the quality and best service, to make long business relationship.

Solid Carbide End Mills

quanlity control:

We have dedicated team of quality control and precise equipment to keep good and stable performance for our products and processing services.

Solid Carbide End Mills

Solid Carbide End Mills

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