Wind turbines without blades: Ewicon

Wind turbines without blades: Ewicon

Well, maybe you still have such a vision in your mind, on the edge of the Gobi, tearing the earth with raging storms, rows of wind power stations, huge leaves whine, like the breath of human civilization and breathing forward The wailing - well, this scene we have witnessed in many movies, but perhaps they will become Altman in the near future, because companies such as Mecanoo Architects will no longer need the new wind power technology. .

Using the so-called Ewicon (Electrostatic Wind Energy Converter) technology, the specific details will not be mentioned. The entire model looks like a huge metal frame on the iPhone (well, I don't know if Apple would sue them for infringement of the rounded rectangle.) The patent, ha ha), steel frame structure, some matrix of wires in the middle, what can it do? It is mysterious to say that it can “generate electricity through the movement of particles”. According to the bizarre understanding, the wind passes through this box. Then, because of some mechanism, the goods get electricity.

Of course, the benefits are obvious, Ewicon wind power station will not have moving parts, there will be no whistling leaves, it is quiet like a melancholy mushroom food, after each building on top of one, Quietly sent the electricity.

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