Why can cork flooring become a favorite of people?

Softwood is known as "soft gold" and has a series of excellent properties such as low density, compressibility, elasticity, airtightness, water resistance, moisture resistance, oil resistance, acid resistance, shock absorption, sound insulation, flame retardancy, insulation and wear resistance. It is its incomparable superiority that makes it a favorite.

Cork raw materials are rare

Softwood is a kind of pure natural polymer material. It is sparsely distributed in the world, mainly distributed in the Qinling Mountains of China and the Mediterranean coast. It is one of the oldest surviving tree species in the world. It is about 60 million years old. Cork is an extremely rare material. It can only be peeled off when the cork oak is 25 years old. It is peeled off every 9 years. Even if it is well maintained, a tree can only be peeled about 10 times.

Soft for the elderly and children

Softness is one of the main features of cork, but its so-called "soft" refers to its flexibility and the floor itself is not soft. Because the cell structure of cork is like a honeycomb, there is a closed airbag in the cell. When the external pressure is applied, the cell will shrink and become smaller. When the pressure is lost, it will return to its original state, which makes the cork floor very well restored, so the cork floor The service life is very long. Its unique wear-resistant layer on the surface will not crack or break for at least 20 years. This unique structure of cork flooring makes the foot feel more comfortable, natural and elastic, which can reduce the damage caused by accidental fall, help children's bone growth, and protect the knee joints of adults, especially the elderly. Walking on a cork floor for a long time and standing without fatigue, it is very suitable for the elderly and children.

Sound absorption is the favorite of enthusiasts

Cork flooring also has excellent sound absorption. Many audiophiles use cork as sound-absorbing wallboards. They naturally look at their unique sound absorption and mute effects. Due to the unique structure of the cork honeycomb closed airbag, each cork cell is a small pressure absorber, which makes the cork unique in filtering out indoor noise. Its super strong sound absorption and mute effect make many professional music room people. Use it as the preferred sound absorbing wall panel.

Wear-resistant to save maintenance costs

Compared with solid wood flooring and laminate flooring, cork flooring has a strong wear resistance. Its pressure resistance is 2 to 3 times higher than that of ordinary solid wood flooring, and even if it is severely damaged, there will be no cracks. The cork flooring has a natural texture that makes it free from lacquering, waxing and glazing. It is used to decorate the living room, which makes people feel a simple and elegant atmosphere. Because it is composed of numerous airbags, the surface forms a myriad of small suction cups. When the feet are in contact with the ground, the cork flooring slightly absorbs the feet on the ground, reducing the relative displacement of the feet and the floor. Friction, which extends the wear time and service life of the floor, and also plays a role in anti-slip.

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