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Fabric sofa is a favorite household item, but also a large piece in the furniture, then how to buy? Here are a few methods for your reference.

1. Pay attention to fabrics and colors

The sofa in the living room, the fabric is better with a thicker velvet or cloth sofa, and the color should be in harmony with the interior decoration style. The sofa in the bedroom, in addition to the overall coordination with the interior decoration style, should choose warm, romantic and quiet colors; the choice of fabrics is comfortable with knitted nylon and long-wool fabrics, which makes them feel warm. Elegant, giving a comfortable feeling.

2. Scrutinize the structure of the sofa

Before choosing a sofa, the consumer can push the sofa to the left and right by hand to see if the overall structure of the sofa is firm. If the hand feels shaking or making a sound, the structure is not firm. When pushing the sofa, is it free to slide and the screws are full. If the sofa is made up of decorative panels or plywood, it is necessary to look closely at the adhesion between the two materials and whether there is any damage. Especially for the steel-structured sofa, the weld is a key. Open the part that can be opened as much as possible. Look carefully and carefully to avoid loosening and collapsing after sedentary. If it is a wood-structured fabric sofa, the main frame part is generally made of a shackle structure. If it is found that the inner frame is all assembled by nails, it must not be purchased.

3. Pay attention to the hidden parts of the sofa

Bai Bin, chief designer of Beijing Benrui Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., said that consumers should pay attention to the fact that general furniture merchants introduce their own strengths when introducing their products. For those things that are avoided, such as the sponge of the sofa, if the feel is uneven, or if there is no elasticity when sitting down, such a sofa should be bought with caution. Secondly, pay attention to some details, such as whether the exposed metal attachment has metal burrs and sharp angles; whether the armrests of the sofa are uneven or not.

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