What are the security risks of using smart door lock networking?

The use of smart door locks is one of the characteristics of smart door locks. However, since the introduction of smart door locks, security concerns about smart door lock networking have existed. Many consumers have questioned the security of smart door locks. Therefore, today Xiaobian will talk with everyone about the security risks of smart door lock networking.

Smart door lock

At present, there are two main aspects of the security risks of smart door lock networking:

First, the door open data command is stolen risk

A major feature of smart door locks is the replacement of traditional mechanical keys with electronic keys, which are a series of electronic keys. Some smart door lock manufacturers do not encrypt the command data for opening the door, or simply borrow the encrypted channel of Bluetooth itself. Such an approach makes it easy for the smart door lock to open the door command data to be stolen, posing a safety hazard to the user.

Second, the server is attacked and the risk of key leakage

Some smart lock manufacturers' keys are stored on the server. Once the server is attacked, there is a risk of data leakage. On the other hand, there is also the risk of self-theft.

In fact, the security risks of smart door lock networking have always existed. However, with the advancement of smart technology, these security risks have been effectively solved. Consumers are advised to choose a regular shopping channel when purchasing smart door locks, buy a brand of smart door locks with credibility, do not buy three no products, and the use of smart door locks for three products is a real hidden danger.

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