What are solar water heater accessories for solar water heater accessories?

Sunshine is an indispensable resource in our lives. As a new energy source, solar energy is gradually being developed and utilized. Solar water heaters are the most typical products. What are the solar water heater accessories ? Today we will come together to understand the next solar water heater accessories !

Solar water heater accessories 1, solar energy meter (controller)

The solar energy meter is the heart of the entire solar water heater and is the commander of the solar water heater operation. Solar water supply, heat preservation, electric heating and other functions are controlled by it. If the quality of solar meters is not reliable, there will be no end of trouble.

The original solar meter controller was a doorbell type, and the display was replaced with a bright spot. After 2002, the company launched a large-screen, color LED digital display, which displays the operating status of the entire Chinese language, filling the gap in the domestic solar instrument industry in this field, and triggering a major change in the solar instrument industry.

Solar water heater accessories 2, water pipes, water pipes

The upper and lower water pipes and water pipes are the channels connecting the solar water heaters and users. If problems occur, they will flood the Jinshan Mountain or flood the water and flood the camp. The consequences will be disastrous. Solar water pipes are glue pipes.

Solar water heater accessories 3, booster pump

As an important part of solar water heaters (systems), solar accessories play an important role in the realization and performance improvement of solar water heater (system) functions.

Solar water heater accessories 4, thermostatic valve

At present, in the solar hot water field, vacuum tube solar water heaters are being widely used, including traditional roof integrated solar water heaters, and also include direct-connected solar collectors.

About solar water heater accessories , I will briefly introduce to this, I hope to help you, more decoration information, all in this site, so stay tuned.

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