Welded Wire Fence in 50X200mm with Peach Post

Model NO.: CTZ-002
Usual Hole Size: 50X200mm
Post: in Peach Post or Square Post
The Bottom: with Flange Tray or Not
Surface: Hot-Dipped Galvanized or Powder Coated
Trademark: CT
Transport Package: in Pallets
Specification: 50X200mm
Origin: Anping, China
HS Code: 73143100
We supply welded wire fencing.
Material: Galvanized or galvanized+ PVC-coated
Hole size: 50mmX200mm, 70mmX200mm
Size: 1MX2M, 1.5MX2.5M
Other specification can be made on your requirement.
Product Category : Mineral and Metals >> Iron and Steel
Product Code :
Product Name : Euro Fence
Product Info : Euro Fence
Name: Euro welded fence(Eurofence)
Electrowelded wire mesh,plastic coated on
Galvanized core
Green ral6005 powder coating
Tensile strength:
Line wires:450-550nwt/mm2.
Cross wires:600-700nwt/mm2.
Material: Low carbon steel wire, PVC coated wire
Processing: PVC coated after welding of steel wire. Electro galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing or PVC coating can be done separately.
Application: Euro fence is used as fencing, decoration or protection for various facilities in industry, agriculture, infrastructure, transport, etc.
Property: Good corrosion resistance, antiaging, nice appearance, easy and quick installation.

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Measurig Wheel

Measuring wheel also called mechanical ranging car or digital distance measuring wheel.it is widely used to measuring distance in professional surveying and mapping work,road engineering, landscape planning and design,golf course and lanes ect.

The instruction of digital measuring wheel

Please read this instruction before you use the product

Thanks you for choosing our product. This instrument is a new length measuring instrument, it is easy to use,stable and reliable.

The main features:

You could convert the unit between metric and foot; The data could be stored and extracted; The touch switch of the digital measuring wheel is anti-water; The handle which could adjust the height of the instrument is easy to apply. The wheel wrapped with rubber could help to avoid slipping so that the measuring data is more precise.

1.The main parts (From up to down):


Data display panel

Battery cover

Handle lock

Measuring wheel


2. Technical data:

A. It could measure up to 99999.9m/ft.

B. Accuracy:+/- 0.3%

C: Minimal display :0.1m

D: Power supply 3V (2xAAA LR003)

E: Suitable temperature for use : -10c°~45c°

3. Button and Operation

CLR: Clearance

SM : Store the data

ON/OFF: Switch

Rm: Extra the data

M/ft: Conversion between metric and foot

Data display panel

Power supply

The stored data

The displayed data



1. ON/OFF : Switch.

2. m/ft: it means the conversion between metric and foot. If you select (m), the displayed data is based on metric. If you select (ft) ,the displayed data is based on foot.

3. SM: Store the data. You could save the data that shows on the display panel by pressing this button. It could store 5 records that respectively show on M1, M2,M3, M4, M5.( Refer to Table 1)

Before storing After storing Full of the memory

(Table 1)

4. RM: Extract the stored data from SM. For example, if you have already stored the measuring data 5M as M1, 10M as M2. But now the measuring data is 120.7M, you could press the bottom RM once then the digital display panel will shows the the data of M1. The top right of the display panel shows [R". The data of the digital display panel will return to the present data after two seconds. ( Refer to Table 2). If you press the RM twice, the data of the M2 will show on the display panel, the [R" also is on the top right. The data of the digital display panel will return to the present data again after two seconds.

Present data Press the RM Once After 2 seconds

(Table 2)

Present data Press the RM twice After 2 seconds

(Table 3)

5. CLR: Clearance. Once you press this button, the present data will be deleted.

4.Precautions for use

Please open the handle lock to adjust the suitable height of this instrument at first and then close it before using the instrument. Put away the kickstand and turn on the power. Put the wheel on the road to be measured when the data is 0.0m on the digital display panel. Please press the bottom CLR if you want to delete the present data.

1. Please go straight if you want to measure a straight line to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.

2. Do not measure uneven surfaces because it will reduce the accuracy.

3. Do not measure in the rain for a long time.

4. Do not use the instrument under the high temperature environment or keep this product in the high temperature place.

5. Please open the battery cover by using the cross-head screwdriver and change the battery when the digital display panel is dark.

6. Do not deal with the used batteries by yourself, please send them to the government designated place where to recycle them.

7. Please remove the battery and clean the instrument by use the mild detergent to prevent rust if you haven`t used it for a long time. Then please pack it well and save it in the rough place.

8. Do not use benzene solution to clean the instrument, otherwise its surface will be corroded.

9. Do not use this the instrument as a toy for child for avoiding unnecessary damage.

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