Washbasin height Washbasin installation height

The washbasin is a sanitary product that we use every day. How high is the washbasin height ? Next, let's take a look at the height of the washroom with the following content!

Washbasin height column column wash pool installation height often visit the building materials bathroom market people, see the washbasin style is also more varied, different shapes and regulations, there are pillar type, table type two, and its installation is also based on different The style of wash basin to decide. The general column-type washbasin is also the favorite of most consumers. How large is the installation height of the column-type washbasin? According to the user's habits and the user's height as a reference, the installation height of the column-type washbasin is preferably about 80cm to 90cm. If it is thought that the height is high, the height of the washbasin can be adjusted to about 70cm to 80cm.

Washbasin height ordinary washbasin installation height different bathroom decoration different washbasin, depends on a lot of factors, under normal circumstances, ordinary washbasin installation, are required to be in accordance with the height of the home owner to measure the height of the sink installation. Therefore, the height of the washbasin installed in each home is not uniform, but for the moment, most washbasin installation heights are 80cm from the ground, or about 85cm. The main factor in determining the height of the washbasin installation is whether or not it depends on the consumer's own habits. The height of 80cm is the height that experienced consumers have installed.

Washing Basin Height Wash Basin Height When washing your face, once water is splashed on your body, this is the most troublesome thing, and it is also our most uncomfortable point. In general, the washbasin installation is of standard height. The water flow intensity of the washbasin faucet and the depth of the washbasin should be proportional, that is to say, the radian of the washbasin is very deep, but it is also possible to install a faucet with water flow intensity. Remember not to install thick faucets above shallow sinks so that when used, it is easy to spill splashes on the body.

In addition, the bottom of the sink should have enough capacity, not too flat but not too deep, otherwise it will cause water. General sink installation height is about 80cm from the ground.

Regarding the height of the washbasin , I will introduce it to you. I hope to help you, and I would like to look forward to seeing more information on this site.

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