Toilet size

As people’s daily necessities, people attach great importance to the quality and texture of the toilet. Do you know the size of the toilet? Do you know the precautions for toilet installation? Let me introduce the toilet to everyone!

What are the toilet sizes

The first is the width of the toilet. Because of the difference in shape, the width of different toilets is different, but it is generally 30CM-50CM. For the average fat person, the width of 50cm is no problem! The height of the toilet is not very important. Generally, the height of the toilet is about 70cm, the length is about 70cm, and the minimum is 62cm. This is the rule!

The second is the sewage diameter of the toilet, generally 30 cm and 40 cm, 35 cm are also available!

Precautions for toilet installation

1. Check the level of the floor of the toilet to be installed. If it is found to be inclined, it can be installed only after it is adjusted to the level;

2. Check the sewage pipe of the toilet before installation, and clear the debris, waste paper and other debris in the sewage pipe;

3. Keep the drain 2-5 mm above the ground;

4. After debugging and installing the water tank accessories, connect the tap water, pour water into the water tank, and then observe for a few minutes whether the water tank or the water inlet hose is leaking;

5. The water pressure of tap water is generally stable, after the water tank is filled with water. Test the drainage effect of the toilet and whether the flushing is strong. If the water vortex is very rapid and rushes quickly, it means that the water is smooth, otherwise, check for blockage

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