The darker the color of the tile, the greater the radiation.

Tiles are one of the necessary building materials for most home renovations. However, like natural stone, the problem of tile radiation has been deeply concerned. Glazed tiles, vitrified tiles, dark, light-colored, there are many kinds of ceramic tiles on the market. In the end, which kind of tiles are more radiated, how to choose when decorating?

Pay attention to the decoration of the safety tile. The darker the color, the more radioactive materials. Among them, glazed tiles need more attention. The glazed tile is a layer of glaze applied to the tile base. The tile surface has various colors and rich patterns and patterns. Due to the poor wear resistance of glazed surfaces, glazed tiles are mostly used in kitchen and bathroom walls in home decoration. Most of the raw materials of glazed tiles come from natural minerals, mainly potassium minerals, such as feldspar, mica, quartz, etc. These minerals contain certain radioactive substances such as uranium and potassium. These radioactive materials are still radioactive after physical and chemical processes such as pulverization, high temperature, and sintering. For the glazed surface of the tile, experts in indoor environmental testing introduced that in order to make the surface of the glazed tile smooth and easy to clean, the manufacturer added a higher-activity zircon sand to the glazed tile material, which increased the radioactivity of the glazed tile.

Experts said that relatively speaking, dark glazed tiles have the most serious radioactive contamination. The darker the tiles, the more radioactive materials they contain, and the greater the radiation. Specifically, in all glazed tiles, red is the most serious. For example, the radioactivity of tiles such as General Red and Rhododendron is higher than other colors.

It turns out that people are more worried about the whiter radiation of the tiles, mainly due to the addition of zirconium raw materials to the tiles. However, experts say that there are few special white tiles on the market, which is not in line with the scientific nature of home decoration. The dazzling white color is not good for home health, and it is not resistant to dirt. Therefore, businesses rarely produce any trouble. This tile product.

However, it should be emphasized that the radiation levels of the tiles are relative. In general, quality, branded tiles, radiation can be assured, consumers do not have to panic. In the home decoration decoration, as long as appropriate attention, try not to spread the dark color, especially the red glazed brick, to avoid the radiation problem, and avoid the feeling of depression caused by the large area using the dark ceramic tile. At the same time, when purchasing products, you should also pay attention to the seller's test report on the radioactivity of the tile products, and mark it in the contract as the basis for future rights protection.

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