Teach you seven strokes to choose quality perfect flat heating and floor heating products

1. In recent years, policy factors have provided favorable opportunities for the development of the electric floor heating market. 2. As the rising star of the electric heating product family, carbon or metal heating materials have become the leading technology in the heating principle, and the exchange rate of electric heating is higher than The traditional heating cable, that is, the flat heating element has more energy-saving characteristics. This is almost an indisputable fact both in terms of technical characteristics and in the electric heating industry. From the perspective of this energy-saving feature, flat heating and heating products should be the products that the government, developers, and owners should give priority to. Many of these brands also rely on energy-saving products and scatter far-infrared selling points to promote their own products. According to the above phenomenon, it is a matter of course that most of the market share of floor heating and floor heating is to occupy electric heating. And the fact is indeed contrary to this speculation, most of the flat-floor heating brands are thundery and rainy, and they don't call it! The author has conducted an in-depth analysis and research on this strange phenomenon in view of the existing flat heating and heating products themselves. He shared the conclusions with experts, businessmen and friends of the industry, discussed exchanges, improper and not fully understood!
Third, the plane heating material we are most concerned about the product characteristics, are generally healthy, energy saving, environmental protection, far-infrared health care, occupy less high and other advantages. The advantages of these electric floor heating products, almost all flat heating products are available, all familiar with the electric floor heating industry are familiar. On the contrary, the introduction of basic quality components of products is to avoid evasiveness and ambiguity, which makes it difficult for consumers and businesses to effectively judge and understand the nature of products. In the light of the characteristics of its external products, many businesses and users often overlook the basic quality of the product itself. The basic quality performance of a product is the prerequisite for the display of many advantageous features. A good quality and a healthy environment are progressive. That is, the product quality determines the product life, with the quality and life can reflect the energy saving, environmental protection, health care, the necessity and value. The overall progressive relationship is as follows:
Quality life, health, environmental protection, energy conservation, far-infrared health care, flat heating electric heating mainly consists of three main materials
1, semiconductor heating body
2, carrier strips
3, insulation material material quality performance
Mutual structural relationship
Overall electrical performance of the product
The number of construction joints in the above four factors constitutes the necessary seven core product quality points for planar heating materials. as follows:
1 The quality of the semiconductor heating part:
Whether the semi-conductor heating part has local power density, whether there is overoxidation, breakdown, or non-uniform power distribution. In the above situation, the product has low safety and short life.
2 The combination of the semiconductor heat-generating part and the carrier fluid The semiconductor heat-generating part and the carrier fluid are combined. Whether the electrode is a hollow structure or not, and the current-carrying tape and the heat-generating body are connected by a conductive adhesive, and in the above case, there may be a possibility of a fire in use.
3 Insulation material heat and age resistance Insulation materials generally use polyester, polypropylene, polyurethane and other plastic materials, generally through the addition of antioxidants, can meet the requirements of heat and aging resistance, the use of thickness greater than 0.8mm, the electrical strength can be achieved Or more than the national standard.
4 The combined moisture-proof and insulation level of the product is generally composed of 1, a barrel-glue, a hydraulic machine, a glue-bonded 3, and a glueless ultrasonic fusion compound. The first technique and performance are neutral. The second technique is backward, and the waterproof insulation property is poor, which easily leads to safety problems. The third technology is advanced and the composite quality is high.
5 Insulation of the external body of the heat-insulation wiring plane The plane heat-generating material is mostly made of acrylic tape or butyl cement as the insulating material. Such materials are not completely sealed and are not durable. Hardware board is also used in this way, and the other is sealed with silicone, it is easy to fall off without endurance. New technology ultrasonic melting insulation or high frequency forming insulation is good and durable.
6 The number of floor heating installation joints can be prefabricated by the installation drawings, which can minimize the installation of joints and greatly increase safety. The standard small-sized products have many joints during installation, and their safety is extremely low.
7 Whether the surface of the final product has inductance or electromagnetic wave The final product electrical performance index is very important. Although there are no national standards for the electromagnetic wave of the inductor, there are products with inductive electromagnetic waves that cannot meet the relevant requirements of the National Civil Appliance Standard in terms of performance. There is a major quality flaw. Perfect products should not have inductive electromagnetic waves.
The quality of these seven products determines the fundamental quality of the product, and it is also a basic guarantee for a reliable product with reliable quality, stable performance and sustainable development. In accordance with the above seven quality points to choose flat heating products, you can choose to safe, reliable, quality assured, excellent quality electric floor heating products.

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