Teach you how to connect the wire and cable (below)

Teach you how to connect the wire and cable (below) I talked about the basic theory of how to connect the wire and cable. Let's continue to discuss the specific operation.
Black rubber cloth: It is made of cotton cloth and calendered. It has good insulation and winding property, low price and anti-aging. Used in the joint of low-voltage lines, the insulation performance is stable, heat-resistant, afraid of water, the insulation performance after damp is reduced, and the insulation is lost after immersion.
Self-adhesive plastic tape (waterproof tape): high-quality insulation, good water resistance, is a very wide range of electrical insulation materials, poor heat resistance, and good use with black tape.
Self-adhesive tape: good, stretch and self-adhesive properties, high water resistance and sealing, used in deep underwater joints, used with black plastic tape, afraid of oil and sun.
Below is the first connection. Note: There should be no joints in the home decoration, especially in the online tube, and there should be no joints. If there is a joint, it should be in the electric box. The usual wire joints are such a connection to ensure that the wire joints do not cause ignition, short circuit, and poor contact.
The following is the second connection method (fireproof tape isolation method), which is mostly used in hanging items, or in high-energy projects, the main line cannot be broken, the line is around the main line for 6-8 weeks, and the spotlight in the ceiling, one There are a lot of lights on the road that are connected in this way. They are wrapped in fireproof tape. Its function is to prevent electric fire from burning things. This is very important in the ceiling. Wrap it with an insulating tape.
The following is the third connection method, which is the crimping method. This method is the most standardized and practical, but it requires special tools to do it, press the crimping tool to press the wire, and use the piezoelectric wire. Special pliers, put on the pressure line, press hard. In addition, we must also say that the size of the pressure line is related to the number of roots according to the size of the line. We usually use the T4 type, which is a millimeter in diameter and can press four wires of four square millimeters.
We have seen many wire accidents, some of which are caused by the overload of the wires, and the other part is caused by the looseness of the wires. The connector inside the wire box does not meet the specifications. When the wire is not under load, there is nothing wrong with it. As soon as the electric switch is pushed, it will trip, and the wiring box of the wire will "snap" a few times, and then There is a tripping sound. This phenomenon is all due to the fact that the connector of the wire is not standardized, and the voltage is in contact with the load, resulting in poor contact. Http://news.chinawj.com.cn Teach you how to connect the wire and cable (below) Editor: (Hardware Business Network Information Center) http://news.chinawj.com.cn Teach you how to connect the wire and cable (below)

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