TCL smart cloud TV 9 features

As smart cloud TV technology becomes more and more mature, the popularity of cloud TV for home use is also increasing. In the smart cloud TV brand selection, TCL is worth recommending. What is the function of TCL Smart Cloud TV? Here are 9 features for you.
TCL Smart Cloud TV
TCL Smart Cloud TV features:
1, online video
Movies have become an important way for urban people to have fun and entertainment. Users can experience the shocking and audio-visual effects of cinemas at home using cloud TV. Because cloud TV background has powerful cloud processing technology and storage resources, network resources are endless, users can watch videos directly for free with a click of a mouse.
2, automatic networking
Users who have installed a network at home can use the tcl smart cloud TV to realize the function of automatic networking. Users can search the page and search the application without using a computer on the TV.
3, online upgrade
There is no need to deliberately upgrade and maintain your TV system. Users only need to connect their TVs to the network, and they can immediately upgrade and share new applications, ensuring that users can purchase TVs forever.
4, one screen dual display
A TV can watch two different pictures at the same time. As long as you wear different glasses, you can watch different pictures without disturbing each other. It also supports dual-picture output of application + video, which is the highest in the industry with one screen dual display technology. level.
5, video communication Video communication is one of the basic functions of smart cloud TV, it can let users and distant friends and relatives through a large screen video conversation. Video communication in smart cloud TV can achieve the same transmission of video images as real people.
6, multi-screen interaction
Not only can you directly transfer photos, music, videos, etc. to your TV with your mobile phone, you can also support mobile phone songs, and you can use your mobile phone instead of the remote control for somatosensory games. In the bedroom, you can directly use the mobile phone to increase or decrease the volume, increase or decrease the program, or switch the machine, which is especially convenient, and can also be used as a mouse and a gamepad.
7, online education
Support education point reading function, you open this book, just need to gently click on the content you want to watch, the corresponding teaching effect will appear on the TV, rich picture, expressive audio and video effects, perfect The combination of work and rest will definitely make your child fall in love with learning, truly entertaining and entertaining, and easy to operate.
8, face recognition
Nowadays, most smart cloud TVs have the function of face recognition, which can scan and lock the face at high speed, and intelligently recognize and operate the switch.
9, online music
TCL Smart Cloud TV supports the function of cloud reward K song, and can search for songs on the Internet. The sound quality of the products is very good, and you can enjoy singing at home like KTV.

I believe that after reading this article, you have a basic understanding of the functions of TCL Smart Cloud TV, so you can bring some convenience in the purchase process. Choosing the right smart cloud TV brand can bring a different experience in home entertainment.

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