Speed ​​differential fall arrester works

Use the speed difference of the runner to control automatically, and use it with high hanging. During work, the upper anti-dropping hook of the anti-dropping device is hung on the structural frame above the working point, and the lower anti-dropping hook is hung on the safety belt of the staff. When the wire rope falls at a speed exceeding 1 m/s, the rotating wheel drives the braking gear. The action brakes the wheel and the rope is stopped so that the worker cannot fall. After removing the danger, lift the steel wire rope and under the action of the spring, the wheel rotates in the opposite direction to reset the braking tooth, release the wheel, and the anti-dropping device resumes normal operation.

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hydraulic fitting

We are producing more than 300 series, total more than 10,000 models, exchangeable with Parker, Maneli, and Eaton's or per customer's specifications and drawings, applied to mining, construction, transportation, oil, agriculture industries. Our Hydraulic Fitting has been forging pre-process, so they have good strength, the outline does not need to separate process again.

Hydraulic Fitting

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