Solid wood baseboard installation: easy to solve in a few steps

In the previous article, Xiao Bian also introduced the relevant content of the baseboard. In fact, there are many types of baseboards, depending on the material, there are aluminum alloy baseboards and solid wood baseboards. The installation of the kick line has always been a headache for many owners. Let's take a look at the baseboard installation steps brought by the decoration home decoration network Xiaobian!


Baseboard installation steps:

First, measuring materials

The length to be used in each area of ​​the baseboard is different, so the length of each baseboard should be calculated and measured before trial.

Second, cutting materials

After knowing how long the skirting line is needed, you can cut the skirting line and use tools such as chainsaws.

Third, drilling

Drilling is to serve the fixed baseboard. Before drilling, you need to have a general understanding of the direction of hydropower. The spacing between the drilled holes should not be too large. If the distance is too long, the skirtings may not stick to the wall. It is best to use professional tools for drilling. The specific spacing of the holes can be about 40cm. This is the case when the length of the baseboard is 2m, depending on the actual situation. The spacing at the interface should be smaller to allow the strip to be inserted into the hole. The nail that fixes the baseboard is nailed to the wooden strip to prevent the nail from loosening on the wall.

Fourth, fixed baseboard

The important point of attention for the installation of the baseboard is the fixed position. If the position is biased, it will start again, which is very troublesome. Be careful to keep the wall clean, clean, and free of bumps before fixing the baseboard. Look at the location of the hole and nail the baseboard with a nail. In this process, always pay attention to the fact that the baseboard should be close to the wall and there should be no gaps, but most of the material's baseboards have the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction, so the baseboard of the corner is like the floor, to stay. A seam of about 1 cm.


Fifth, the skirting corner treatment

The cutting method of the baseboard is generally to cut the edge of the corner into a 45-degree angle, and then to fix it. This method can also make the skirting corners more beautiful and natural.

The above is the installation method and process of the baseboard brought by the decoration house decoration network. When installing the baseboard, we must take into account the characteristics of the solid wood material, although it should be close to the wall, but it can be left at the corner of the wall. A little gap, as a space for thermal expansion and contraction. More exciting content, all in our decoration encyclopedia section!

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