Solar Children Outdoor Motion Sensor

Solar Children Outdoor Motion Sensor

Many children now live in cities made of cement, lacking certain outdoor activities. Son-X Octavia products are now officially shipping. It's something you see in the above image that resembles a gyroscope. Actually, it has a built-in sensor, an external speaker, and solar power. You can see three small solar panels with battery backup. The light can use the battery for 4 hours of continuous operation. The battery is usually not powered and it is mainly powered by solar energy. Years of work time.

Son-X Octavia's working principle is very simple. It can be worn on a swing rope to sense the child's shaking frequency and make a certain sound, including clapping and refueling; if you reach a stage, it will automatically enter the next mode. This will stimulate the children's natural curiosity, mobilize the enthusiasm of outdoor sports, and enhance interactive fun. The sound effects inside can be updated by downloading, but the price sounds a bit too expensive, as high as US$624, about 4,000 yuan; for the average family, it may not be able to afford it, and only some amusement parks can be expected to save money.

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