Several methods of installing electromagnetic flowmeter sensors

First, the electromagnetic flowmeter sensor in the installation of vertical pipeline measurement of gas flow, the sensor can be installed on the vertical pipeline, the flow direction is not limited. If the gas to be measured contains a small amount of liquid, the gas flow should be directed upwards. When measuring the liquid flow, the liquid flow direction should be from bottom to top: this will not add extra liquid weight to the probe.

Second, the electromagnetic flowmeter sensor installed in the side of the horizontal pipe No matter what kind of fluid measurement, the sensor can be installed on the side of the horizontal pipe, especially the measurement of superheated steam, saturated steam and cryogenic liquids, if the conditions permit the best side loading, such fluid The temperature has little effect on the amplifier.

Third, the sensor is not recommended to use this method of installation in the general case of horizontal pipe flip. This installation method is not suitable for measuring general gases and superheated steam. It can be used to measure saturated steam and is suitable for measuring high-temperature liquids or situations where pipelines need to be cleaned regularly.

Fourth, when the sensor is installed on a pipe with insulation layer to measure high-temperature steam, the insulation layer can not exceed one third of the height of the bracket.

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