Selection tips for furniture handles and door handles

From the appearance, the handle has a tubular shape, a strip shape, a spherical shape and various geometric shapes, as well as a single head type, a double head type, an exposed type, and a closed type. There are avant-garde or casual, and there are also nostalgic hands in the form of ropes or slings.

The selection of the handle must be based on the style, function and location of the furniture. Generally speaking, the relationship between the handle and the furniture has two principles of treatment, namely, conspicuous or concealed.

The porch is often one of the key decorative parts of the living room. The handle of the porch cabinet can emphasize its decoration, and two luxurious and beautiful handles are installed on the symmetrical decorative door. The shoe cabinet should be selected with a single-handed handle with a color close to the board. These furniture-based furniture should have a hidden handle to prevent the owner from using it.

The handle of the food decoration cabinet (commonly known as the wine cabinet) can be adapted to its more eye-catching style, and the double-headed handle with luster and slight contrast with the furniture color is purchased. The handle of the TV cabinet can be considered to be an exposed metal handle that is similar in color to the electrical components or TV countertops, such as black, gray, dark green or sub-gold. The small living room, especially the furniture in the aisle area, can be chosen as the closed handle that will be bounced after pressing. One is to consider that the frequency of opening the door here is low, and the second is to ensure that people's movements are not involved. The furniture in the study or studio can imitate the practice of the office building, and choose the handle of the simple and correct. There are not many cabinet doors in the bathroom. It is suitable to select the micro-shaped single-head ceramic or plexiglass handle. The color or material should be similar to the cabinet. Sometimes, looking for a handle that has the same shape or curve as the cabinet, the relationship between the furniture and the handle is particularly well coordinated.

The position of the handle installation is also very particular. Like a large cabinet, the upper handle should be placed in the lower corner of the door, and the lower handle should be placed in the upper corner of the door. This is not only for ergonomic norms, but also for visual form beauty. Nowadays, the installation of furniture handles in the market basically meets the requirements, but it is often seen in people's living rooms that the furniture handles made on site are not installed well, which is very unattractive.

Due to the different production processes, the styles of the door handles are also splendid. Usually, the silver stainless steel handle is suitable for use in office buildings, and the family chooses the handle of matt bronze and aluminum alloy. Neutral or light-cooled oil-mixed homes can also be made with matt stainless steel brushed door handles, while polished metal handles are widely used in hotels. Door handles are also made in combination with door locks to meet the needs of people's lives. Generally speaking, the handles of the master bedroom and the bathroom should have the function of a door lock, while the side bedroom and the walkway can be provided with a windproof door lock.

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