Rethinking the design logic, Shenzhen Furniture Exhibition, "stay in the bag" new experience

Rethinking the design logic, Shenzhen Furniture Exhibition, "stay in the bag" new experience

From architectural design, space design to home design, this year's Shenzhen Furniture Fair "Urban Bags" will be a new show, which will once again give the industry a new thinking! Hall 5 "is all in the bag" is not only the business model of residential hardcover industrialization, but also the subversion and re-comment of design logic. From architectural design, space design to furniture design, only unified design language and logical thinking can be realized. Let the architectural design take into account the space design and furniture design, in order to achieve the "home" of real consumer needs.

The Shenzhen Furniture Association Residential Hardcover Research Institute teamed up with famous Japanese designers Lin Dianzi, Sang Ye Yang Ping, Yu Mei (China) Home, Private Life (Hong Kong, China), German Braun Bathroom, Austria Blum Hardware and German Häfele Hardware The 55 m2, 82 m2, and 135 m2 urban main units are built to be “stayed in the bag”. March 19-22, 2017 in Shenzhen Home Fashion Design Week and the 32nd Shenzhen International Furniture Fair, Hall 5 "bag check city museum", will present a real show, second-tier cities most major units: the representative of urban commercial elite luxury living is low The 135m 2 two-bedroom four-bedroom apartment, the 82 m2 two -bedroom two-bedroom apartment representing the urban youth fashion years, and the 55 m2 two-bedroom one-bedroom apartment representing the urban single nobles .

Top design big coffee, interpretation of the city bag to stay in a new experience

Lin Dianzi, a well-known designer in Japan, the most professional country in the world of residential industrialization, has been studying Chinese residential and urban winds for more than 20 years. Designer Lin Dianzi's residential design continues the simple and minimalist modern style. From material selection, furniture matching, soft fitting and functional planning, space atmosphere, and pursuing the ultimate perfectionism, it is called urban residential design master.

Sang Ye Yang Ping, a furniture and home appliance designer who has been a world-renowned home furnishing brand of “Muji”, has been deeply involved in product design. His design has won the German IF Design Award for many times and won the “ Good Design Japan” design award 13 times . Sang Ye Yangping's furniture design pursues the ultimate material sense and the most humanized function. As it says: good design is not a new design, it is more about product optimization.

Guan Yongkang, chief planner of Shenzhen Fashion Home Design Week “Shoubao Stay Experience Museum”, Dean of Shenzhen Furniture Association Residential Hardcover Research Institute. Has been committed to the field of furniture research and development and marketing, has a deep understanding and research on the large-scale production and flexible customization of standard modules. This time, in addition to serving as the chief curator of the “Bag Package Experience Museum”, he also participated in the “ 18 m2 Mini-Small Full Configuration Challenge”, challenging the new mode of super-storage residential hardcover

Huang Jing, Secretary General of Shenzhen Furniture Association International Design Federation, France MAISON & OBJET Promotion Consultant, has created Si Gao Pin Chuang Hong Kong Co., Ltd., Private Living Private Life, IDU International Design Alliance, SCO and so on. PV private life is an innovative platform for exclusive home life concepts and designer products, which brings surprises to the consumer experience. PV not only shows the brand, but also shows the ideal life attitude. “Everything is only for guests” is the business philosophy of Private Living .


Three sets of design, leading the city to a new impression

Designer Lin Dianzi tailors a unique living space according to the characteristics of each type of apartment and the characteristics of the living population. The Japanese-style open design and the exquisite and simple style are more spatially tonal and fashionable, interpreting the design of “quality, technology and humanity”. At the same time, let the “stay in the bag” not only be practical and tasteful, but also more fashionable and fun.

Unit type 1 : 135 square meters apartment type | four bedrooms, two living rooms, two bathrooms, one cabinet, single balcony

Targeting the target group of 30-55 age group, 30 -year-old urban white-collar workers, with parents and children under the party, can also have their own space in addition to the reunion.

Design language: The large horizontal hall mode allows the living room and the restaurant to share a spacious space to carry the happy moment of the family of six. Appropriate scales and sparsely distributed rooms give each member of the family an independent space of their own. More importantly, the family life, the details of the storage, personality, comfort, and easy home are fully reflected in this type of apartment, so that the home will be easy and comfortable to carry through.

Unit 2 : 82 square meters apartment | two bedrooms, two living rooms, one bathroom, one balcony

Targeting the target population in the 20-40 age group, 32 -year-old workplace executives with a 6 -year-old child usually put their children in their parents' homes and enjoy happy hours at family gatherings on weekends.

Design language: porch that can accommodate 60 pairs of shoes for the whole family , spacious and airy kitchen, living room with a width of 3400mm , and master bedroom with spacious to 1800mm bedding, etc., ubiquitously challenge the concept of "compactness". It is just the need, the pressure from life and work, so that the residents need to release ease, comfort, and pleasure here.

Type 3 : 55 square meters apartment | one bedroom, two living rooms, one bathroom, one balcony

Targeting the target population of the 20-35 age group, the 26 -year-old single IT elite enjoys a fun life, does not need extra things in the space, and enjoys the aristocratic time before marriage in freedom and comfort.

Design language: I have an open kitchen, and a spacious guest space. Come and come to my house to eat! I have a large cloakroom, Tmall, Jingdong, Vipshop, all come to my cabinet! I still have a big bed of one meter eight, young, free, comfortable, cheerful, light... young private space, this is a young home.


Power brand to help out, bloom urban bag to stay in the new color


Mexarts is a high-end home brand operation company with independent brands and operates and manages many global first-line home brands. As the largest partner of MUJI in Asia, it is the creator and leader of the Japanese and Nordic urban lifestyle. This “Bag Package Experience Exhibition”, Amami Home brings the world's top furniture brands Noir and Verpan to create a refined and luxurious home life.

Noir , Denmark's top furniture brand. Each product presents a classic aesthetic of luxury and simplicity. It is an organic combination of medieval retro and modern industry, a classic of Sino-European mixed art, a historical classic and a rehearsal of aristocratic understated luxury. A powerful atmosphere and heritage. Elegant and elegant, it is like the luxury of precipitation, fading away the complicated carvings, leaving the aftertaste of history. Full of power and authority, yet exquisitely modern and elegant. It is not a worldly pursuit, and it is the ultimate pursuit of high quality and quality of life.

Verpan , a well-known lighting brand from Denmark, Verpan 's design core, based on the design concept of the famous Danish design master Verner Panton , develops lighting, color, textile, furniture and other works with the latest technology, and seeks excellent quality and original design. Perfect balance; based on Panton 's original and organic design spirit, re-created and adopts new methods to encourage people to exert more imagination and bring more new ideas to the environment.

Häfele, as a well-known brand in the world hardware industry, is committed to providing high-quality hardware products and “better solutions” to end consumers, architects and developers. Häfele combines smart furniture layout with innovative hardware solutions to create a healthy and productive balance between these themes – building a perfect balance of life – work or work – life, making “every square meter wonderful ( More Life Per m ).

Blum, one of the world's top suppliers of hardware accessories, is one of the creative creators of this “Breakfast Experience Pavilion”. Whether it's CLIP tool-free installation technology, ultra-smooth sliding performance or efficient use of storage space, whether it's BLUMOTION damping for soft opening and closing movements or SER-VO-DRIVE for electric opening support , Blum offers furniture and lifestyle. Diversified creative wisdom.

Here wanton creative spark discharge, facial hardware in bloom here wisdom, a new design concept interpretation of the new trend of urban bag check, 19-22 March 2017, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Shenzhen 2017 Fashion Week and home design 32 session of the Shenzhen international Furniture Fair Hall 5 new appearance, waiting for the tasting.

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