Rene Liu Defines Happiness: Taking Off His High-heeled Shoes

With the last interview ended, she especially greeted us, then dragged the assistant to the lounge, replaced high heels with flat shoes, and returned immediately after a few minutes. If there is any big star who meets with the media, he takes off his high heels and changes back to the most relaxed and comfortable state of the girl next door. He also tells reporters bluntly: Please do not let the artist always wear new clothes. The person must be Rene Liu.

Rene Liu

Rene Liu Home Photo

Rene Liu Live Residence

Simple is true, although it has risen to tens of millions of rich woman, but Rene Liu's life is still very simple. In clothing, food and housing, the most common clothing can reflect her view of life. The average celebrity, the most crisp money may be to buy clothes, dress up this area. However, Rene Liu, on the contrary, she is more willing to spend money on eating. Clothes, she advocating simple and natural, comfortable first. Her home is a reflection of the side of a small woman in her home. A few days ago she was also a generous show of a married house.

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