Qingdao, Shandong roller testing equipment use matters needing attention

Roller testing equipment is an important equipment for internal control quality and qualification evaluation of idler production companies and conveyor production companies. Its operation is very important and rigorous. Operators must strictly follow the operating specifications. The following are the operational precautions of these equipments. :

One, ZT-511 roller rotation resistance test bench 1, need to select the positive and negative rotation of the roller before the operation; prohibited the machine during operation, change the rotation direction of the roller.

2. When the force meter shows a negative sign, the sensor is in the opposite direction.

3, before the zero adjustment, the seesaw should be gently placed on the strain gauge sensor so as to avoid pre-pressure on the sensor and artificially cause measurement errors.

4. During the installation and testing process, the sensor is absolutely prohibited from beating, bumping and overloading so as to avoid deformation of the sensor head.

5, the different diameter of the roller should be equipped with a corresponding length of the jaws, in order to ensure that the measured value is the roller rotation resistance value.

6, pay attention to the operating site AC power supply voltage changes to ensure that the AC power supply voltage is 380V ± 1O%, otherwise it should be added AC voltage regulator source.

7. When measuring the rotation resistance of the idler, it is necessary to slowly increase the rotation speed of the idler to the specified value and measure the rotation resistance of the idler after stabilization. When the idler has not run-in or feels great resistance, it must not be measured on the test bench to avoid the measured value exceeding the rated value of the sensor and causing damage to the sensor.

8. At the end of the test, please return the button of the speed controller back to zero so as to avoid damage to the sensor caused by the impact of the next test.

9, the measurement is completed, the sensor should be kept safe.

Second, ZT-512 roller soaking seal test bench use Note 1, the operation process, should ensure that the belt has a certain tension, to prevent the belt from slipping.

2. It is forbidden to operate under anhydrous conditions.

3. Check whether the temperature measuring head is completely immersed in the water before running, whether it affects the operation of the idler.

4. After startup, use a clamp ammeter to check if the current exceeds the rated current of the motor. If the rated current exceeds the rated value, the motor must be stopped. Otherwise, the motor may be damaged.

5. During the test, observe the water temperature. If the water temperature is too high, it must be stopped.

6, the installation of roller process pay attention to personal safety.

Third, ZT-515 roller dust test bench 1, during the operation, should ensure that the belt has a certain tension, to prevent belt slipping.

2. After start-up, use a clamp ammeter to check if the current exceeds the rated current of the motor. If it exceeds the rated value, it must be stopped. Otherwise, the motor may be damaged.

3, install the roller process to pay attention to personal safety.

Fourth, ZT-518 roller radial runout test bench l, test bench use and place should be ventilated and dry, should not be too wet.

2. It is forbidden to strike and scratch during storage and use.

3. The top parts, guide rails and other important parts and parts shall be cleaned with gasoline and coated with anti-rust oil after use, and shall not be rusted. The sliding part of the test bench should always be given lubricating oil, but the oil layer is not easy to be too thick, so as not to affect the accuracy of the test bench indication, and the oil mark should be often injected into the lubricating oil.

4. After the test bench is used, apply a dust cover to prevent the dust from falling on the guide rails and related surfaces to ensure the accuracy of the test bench.

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