Piano keys for keyboard to enter text

On August 2nd, the pianist's fingers moved on the keys to play a beautiful piece of music, so the piano keys were transformed into keyboards. Have you heard that? We can imagine that the pianist plays the music while being like a typist. It's like a fantasy to type text quickly, but German researchers have developed a piano key input system that can be used for typing.

Piano keys for keyboard to enter text

The German Max Planck Institute of Informatics recently published a communique stating that they analyzed the correspondence between music and text by analyzing hundreds of musical scores. This map is based on English, so researchers have studied the distribution and ordering of letters in English. They found that by matching 26 English letters with 88 keys, there would be a combination of 10 and 48 combinations.

The researchers used a combination of common letters such as "th" and "he" to correspond to the third and fifth intervals. The most common letter "e" in English corresponds to a different note in the octave. In addition, some common phrases correspond to large and small tones.

To test whether the piano key input system works, the researchers first let a piano professor experiment and let him play the input sentence based on the "translation" score. Test results show that the pianist "plays the input" speed of up to 80 words per minute, comparable to professional typists.

In addition, the researchers also trained an amateur pianist for six months to learn the relationship between letters, phrases and notes. She is also able to achieve the speed of typing 80 words per minute without having to compare the scores. Now, this piano enthusiast writes emails on the piano keyboard and posts online faster than using a normal keyboard. While typing on the piano keys, she can also practice piano fingering and do both.

The researchers said that they hope to find out the reason why the piano key input system makes the player's typing speed exceed the ordinary keyboard input, so as to improve the existing keyboard design and greatly improve the input speed of ordinary people.

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