Organic celery has taken control measures for sclerotinia

Organic celery yellow leaves, lobular leaves, falling flowers and fruit drop are all related to deficiency, and this phenomenon is spreading year by year.


The shed is planted with celery. The indoor humidity is high and the ventilation is poor. It is easy to get sclerotium disease. It is necessary to find the house, treat it early, and reduce the loss.


First, the harm


Sclerotinia sclerotior can damage the leaves, petioles and stems of celery. Generally, the leaves first develop, showing dark stains. When wet, the surface is dense with white mold. Then spread down to cause the disease of the petiole and stem. The affected part is brown water stain, soft rot is formed when the humidity is high, white hyphae grow on the surface, and finally the stem tissue is rotted and fibrous, and the stem is hollow, forming a black sclerotium of rat feces.


Second, the incidence


The pathogen spreads through the wind and rain, infecting the old leaves with weak living conditions, and the leaves of the disease are in contact with the strong leaves and stems to spread the mycelium. High temperature and high humidity are conducive to the occurrence and prevalence of the disease. The celery flies or the cruciferous vegetables that are prone to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum are prone to disease. Poor drainage, heavy nitrogen fertilizer incidence.


Third, prevention


   1. Agricultural control. Implemented for more than three years of rotation. Seed disinfection before sowing. Timely drainage to reduce field humidity. Timely remove the diseased leaves from the field, concentrate on deep burial, and prevent the spread of pathogens.


   2. Chemical control. In the early stage of the disease, spray 70% thiophanate-methyl WP 600 times solution, 50% carbendazim WP 500 times solution or 65% methicillin WP 1000 times solution, spray once every 5-7 days, continuous prevention 2-3 times. The above pesticides are used interchangeably to avoid drug resistance.


The above is to introduce organic celery to the prevention and treatment of sclerotial disease, I hope you can understand some knowledge of organic agriculture, expand your horizons and vision.




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