Office card access control system, access control system will be more networked and building intelligent

First, the development and status quo of access control systems

With the acceleration of digital network development, the scope of networked products has been expanding, and access control systems have steadily moved deeper into the direction of TCP/IP networks from the traditional RS485 bus transmission method.

The limitations of RS485 communication in terms of number of nodes, transmission distance, and communication speed limit its application, especially the application of large-scale access control systems. The access control system based on TCP/IP network communication has the advantages of no-node limitation, wide coverage, fast communication speed, and small interference, and is fully led by the RS485 bus system, which will naturally be favored by many users.

At present, some access control systems using external or built-in network converters on the market are actually intermediate devices using RS485 to TCP/IP, which is not a true network access control. The access controller used in the true sense of the network access control is generally implemented by a 32-bit ARM7/9 microprocessor.

The access control system adopting the full TCP/IP method can make full use of the established network resources, and the amount of new wiring works is small. It can be used across regions without distance limitation, and information transmission and storage capacity can be greatly improved. However, if the project does not have a network, the special installation of the network will increase the cost of the initial investment. At present, it is mainly used in large-scale systems with more than 100 doors.

Another aspect of access control system technology development is the integration of access control systems and other intelligent building systems. It is mainly integrated with video surveillance systems, intrusion alarm systems, perimeter detection systems, fire alarm systems, and building automation systems. This combination provides Effective structure to enhance each other's systems complement each other. For example, once there is an event that triggers an alarm, it will send a signal to the video surveillance system to provide real-time recording of the incident scene, and the linked access control system will block the corresponding access control channel.

Second, the integration of access control systems and other systems and information sharing

With the rapid development of digital networking and intelligent building technologies, the integration of access control systems with other systems will become even closer, and the scope will become wider and wider, infiltrating into all fields of society and playing an increasingly important role. In addition to access control, attendance, documents, patrolling, dining, consumption, fitness, medical care, parking, book materials, meeting attendance, visitor management, elevator control management, office equipment management, club entertainment, three forms and property payment, etc. Also with other intelligent systems necessary integration and linkage, such as anti-theft alarm, closed-circuit monitoring, fire alarm, and even building automation systems.

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