New material tools such as ceramics were first listed as "regulated"

On August 27th, at the registration office of the Public Security Checkpoint of the Cangfanggou Public Security Bureau of Shayibak District, the reporter noticed that a notice of the Public Security Department of the Autonomous Region on the issuance of the "List of Controlled Instruments" was posted on the wall. It is mentioned in the announcement that the "List of Controlled Appliances" is prepared in accordance with the "Interim Measures for the Control of Some Appliances by the Autonomous Region" and will be implemented from this month. For the first time in the announcement, new types of tools such as ceramics, which meet the following standards, are controlled tools. Any one that meets one of the following criteria can be considered as a controlled tool: dagger: single-edged, double-edged or multi-edged knife with tool holder, knife and blood groove, blade angle less than 60 degrees; triangular blade: three Machining tool for cutting edge; spring knife with self-locking device (jumping knife): after the blade is unfolded or popped, the self-locking folding tool can be fixed by the spring or the latch in the tool holder; other similar single-blade Double-edged, three-edged sharp-knife: all kinds of single-edged, double-edged and multi-blade tools with a blade tip angle of less than 60 degrees and a blade length of more than 150 mm; new material tools such as ceramics, which meet the above criteria, are controlled tools. In addition, any one of the following standards can be considered as dangerous equipment: axe; axe; hoe (cut); folding trowel; and other controlled knives prescribed by the state.

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