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Due to the heat of the summer, not opening the window will make people feel depressed, but the mosquito will fly into the house when the window is opened. At this time you will need mosquito screens. Mosquito screens refer to screens used to prevent mosquitoes from entering the room in the summer. The anti-mosquito screens, in addition to the mosquitoes, can also filter some of the dust and debris that enter the room, block sight lines and decorate, and can also prevent some small debris from being thrown out of doors. So, what kind of mosquito screens are good? How to buy mosquito screens? At present, mosquito screens on the market mainly include: magnetic screens, folding screens, moving windows, detachable screens, and push-up screens. Below I have listed all of them for their advantages and disadvantages. Let us take a look.

Which mosquito screens are better

1, folding screens

Advantages: Suitable for all window types, easy to switch

Disadvantages: high maintenance costs, easy to clean, poor sealing.

2, move the window

Advantages: Low cost and maintenance costs, inconvenient cleaning.

Disadvantages: It is not easy to change the net and the sealing effect is poor.

3, detachable screen window

Advantages: Suitable for a variety of window types

Disadvantages: Cost, maintenance costs are high, take up the position, take down will break the prototype.

4, push-type screen window

Advantages: easy to clean, good sealing effect, convenient switch.

Disadvantages: low cost, not easy to change yarn net.


How to choose mosquito screens

According to the opening method points: magnet type, translation type, foldable and so on. Due to the different scope of use, the price will be different, according to the actual situation of the consumer, the size of doors and windows can be customized.


Mosquito screens

Mosquito screens have many types and they have uneven quality, and they are mainly tested in four ways:

Border selection: Border materials are: aluminum alloy, PVC and aluminum PVC three categories. Aluminum alloy: It has the advantages of being durable and not easily deformed. The thicker the wall thickness, the more durable it is, and its thickness is more than 1mm.

Yarn selection: 1. Glass fiber gauze: anti-aging, flame retardant anti-static. 2. Resin coating: good toughness. 3. Flying Buddha: Good flexibility and tensile strength. Note: Whether the gauze holes are even and the handle is smooth.

Bearing selection: Bearings affect the quality of screens. It is advisable to distinguish between good and bad by drawing a screen.

Accessories selection: including: springs, pull handles, switches, etc. It is recommended that you first understand the brand's reputation before buying.


Mosquito screen cleaning method

1, with a watering can rinse: It is recommended to clean while spraying water, dirt easily washed out.

2, with a vacuum cleaner: vacuum cleaners to clean the screens, the easiest. A piece of newspaper is fixed on the window screen. The vacuum cleaner is next to the window screen and sucks away dirt and dirt while ensuring the floor is dry.

3, soaked with newspapers to clean: soak the newspaper, affixed to the screen, dry and tear, then paste the clean dip newspaper, repeated several times.

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Mosquito screen

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