Kitchen hardware maintenance cleaning has a coup

Kitchen hardware can be divided into two categories, ordinary and special. The former includes hinges, hinges, slide rails, etc. The latter includes bathroom hardware and kitchen accessories. Hinges, slides, hinges and locks are more important in life and are therefore more important.

Part1 maintenance

1. In order to prevent freezing, water pipes for water pipes, water meters and faucets in the home can be thickened and packed with cotton and linen fabrics, old cotton clothes, cotton wool and other insulation materials.

2. At night, close the kitchen, toilet and all the windows in the shade room to ensure that the temperature in the room is above 0 °C.

3. For rooms with indoor temperature below 0 °C, close the indoor water meter valve, open the faucet, and drain the remaining water in the water pipe.

4. For the frozen water pipe, first unscrew the faucet, wrap the faucet with a hot towel, then pour warm water, and slowly sprinkle the water pipe along the faucet with warm water to thaw the water pipe. If there is no water flowing out to the water meter, it means that the water meter is also frozen. At this time, put the hot towel on the water meter with warm water (not higher than 30 °C), so that the water meter is thawed, and should not be baked with fire.

Part2 cleaning

1. Just rinse the faucet with water, then dry the faucet with a soft cotton cloth.

2. Use the following cleaning agents to remove the rough mask and deposits: mild liquid glass cleaner, pure liquid glass cleaner, acid-free, non-abrasive soft liquid or completely dissolved powder, frictionless solution polish .

3. Do not use any abrasive cleaners, cloth or paper cloth; do not use any acid-containing cleaners, polishing abrasives or rough cleaners.

4. In the case that the water pressure is not lower than 0.02mpa (ie 0.2kgf/cm2), after using for a period of time, if the amount of water is found to decrease, or even the water heater is turned off, it can be lightly at the outlet of the faucet. Lightly screw.

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