Jungle Aluminium Holds National Conference on "Aluminum Alloy Extrusion Profiles for Automobiles"

According to a large-scale non-ferrous net reprinted: "Aluminum Alloy Extruded Profile for Automobile" is an important national standard that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has established for the purpose of advancing China's auto lightening process and leading the market with standards. In order to develop the aluminum profile market in the automotive industry and create industry influence, our company actively sought and obtained the master drafting right of the standard. According to the work arrangement of the Nonferrous Metals Light Standards Committee, in order to effectively advance the standard development process, our company organized a standard work conference at the end of July, focusing on the standard technical terms and the entire section compression, high-speed stretching, simulated baking, and axles of automotive aluminum profiles. Four test schemes such as stretching were discussed.

The conference was presided over by Gao Anjiang, chief engineer of the group company, Ge Lixin, Secretary-General of China National Automobile Engineering Research Institute, Beiqi Research Institute, Dongfeng Automobile, Changan Automobile, Geely Automobile, Beijing Nonferrous Metals Institute, Guangzhou Nonferrous Metals Institute, Southwest Aluminum. Twenty-three participating companies, including Yantai Mining Light Alloys, 29 industry technical experts and Wang Mingkun, director of Jungle Aluminum Technologies, attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the experts participating in the meeting fully, meticulously and intensely discussed the standard automobile technical articles. The profile factories, scientific research institutions, testing agencies, and automobile manufacturers relied on their respective technical advantages to put forward many constructive opinions and reached consensus. Rich, condensed standard text. In addition, our company carried out the division of work and implementation of the tasks for the next step of standard formulation. The participating companies responded positively and took on a large number of samples for sample supply, testing and testing, revision of test methods, and collection of relevant technical standards at home and abroad.

The conference achieved great success with the support of the headquarters office and Junlin Aluminum. The meeting arrangements and the effectiveness of the meeting were unanimously approved by Secretary-General Ge and peer experts.

The following day, in response to requests from experts in the automotive field such as Dongfeng, Chang'an, Geely, and China National Automobile Research Institute, the company organized visits to Jungle Aluminum, auto parts and other companies. Experts gave a high evaluation of our company's industrial scale, technological innovation ability, test and testing level, and expressed strong cooperation intentions.

The "Aluminum Alloy Extruded Profile for Automobile" national standard is a forward-looking standard for the industry. It is difficult to develop, takes a long time, and has heavy tasks. The standard involves a total of 10,000 sets of technical data, and each profile factory supplies a total of 2,000 samples. The number of test tests was more than 3,000 times, and the standard organization and coordination work was tedious. In order to better accomplish this work, the Technical Center actively communicated with the Nonferrous Metals Light Inspection Committee, organized and coordinated Jungle Aluminum and various participating companies, effectively implemented various tasks, ensured the progress of standard setting work and quality of work, and satisfied the national standard. Commission and the requirements of the Nonferrous Committee.

The successful presiding of the National Standard for Automotive Aluminum Alloy Extrusion Profiles and the successful organization of standard work conferences have not only enhanced the company’s industry visibility and influence, but also demonstrated the strength and technical capabilities of the aluminum industry, as well as companies and car manufacturers and peer companies. The testing and research institutions have set up a technology exchange platform, which has created a good external environment for promoting the promotion of technological capabilities and expanding marketing channels.

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