Jilin will remove 1990 kilograms of unqualified plastic products

Since the ban on plastic work, the Jilin City Administration of Industry and Commerce has dispatched a total of 4,521 law enforcement personnel, inspected 19,122 households in wholesale and business, and issued 12,722 publicity posters and brochures. The household signed 3,797 letters of responsibility and commitments, issued 2,915 rectification notices, and removed 1990 kg of unqualified plastic products.
According to reports, in the implementation of the ban on plastics, the Jilin City Administration of Industry and Commerce, in accordance with the principle of "first big after the small, first enterprise after the individual", staged the ban on plastic work. Before the formal implementation of the "Forbidden Plastics Order", we will conduct in-depth lectures in business premises, use various media to widely publicize reports, create a banned atmosphere, and lay a solid foundation. After the implementation of the “Forbidden Plastics Order”, large-scale shopping malls, supermarkets, bazaars, and stations are the key areas, focusing on retailers, hotels, restaurants, and other businesses with large intensive use of plastic products and large quantities of plastic products. Carry out the "prohibition of plastics" publicity materials distribution work. From January 1st, Jilin City Industrial and Commercial Bureau took the lead in regulating the large-scale supermarkets, shopping malls and plastic bags wholesale markets such as RT-Mart, Eurasia, and Eleventh Wholesale Markets, making them a model. In addition, the market sponsors are strictly required to implement the “ban on plastics”.
Jilin City Industrial and Commercial Bureau conducts key inspections for industries such as catering, pharmacies, fruit and vegetable shops, and bookstores that often use shopping bags. From May 18 to May 22, the bureau organized law enforcement officers to carry out law enforcement inspections on the implementation of the “prohibition order” in the urban area. The inspections mainly selected brand stores with certain influence in the industry to take the lead in standardizing and inspecting. 65 business entities, 935 unqualified plastic products, 123 unqualified plastic bags were confiscated, 12 households were ordered to rectify, and quality inspection agencies were commissioned to conduct quality inspections on plastic bags and plastic tableware sold or provided by 28 operators. A total of 38 samples were sampled. Through the law enforcement inspection and standardized management of these stores, these industries are transformed into a whole concept of change, and they consciously abide by the “ban on plastics”.

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