Is your car equipped with a fire extinguisher?

Is your car equipped with a fire extinguisher? Every summer, "spontaneous combustion" will become a high-frequency word. Some car owners missed a good opportunity for rescue because they did not have fire extinguishers. It is understood that the Nanjing Vehicle Administration Department does not impose a fire extinguisher on domestic cars. However, many people are equipped with fire extinguishers. An interview with the reporter found that although many owners had fire extinguishers, they did not pay attention after they were assigned. Some fire extinguishers have already expired in the car.

Fire extinguisher use instructions 1. Remove the fire extinguisher and remove the seal of the safety pin.

2. Remove the safety pin.

3. Open the cabin cover with a small gap.

4. Spray dry powder into the cabin from the gap to reduce the fire.

Many car owners consciously equipped with fire extinguishers "fire extinguishers to buy their own, or direct delivery?" Yesterday afternoon, the Modern Express reporter went to a 4S shop on Daming Road, heard a car buyer is consulting sales personnel. The sales staff introduced that if the car purchaser asked the 4S shop to help the card, the five or six hundred "package" contained a fire extinguisher. Sales staff said that if guests do not want to be in the store, they must buy their own fire extinguishers. "A fire extinguisher costs seventy to eighty yuan. We are not likely to send it directly." The salesman said, "Everyone will buy it. After all, it is for their own safety."

“There are almost all fire extinguishers on the cards that come to us here.” The staff on the Daming Road site stated that the fire extinguisher was a part of their inspection of the appearance of the vehicle, but it was not strong. If the owner had not yet, they would suggest buy one. "We also have to sell here."

According to a person familiar with the Nanjing Automobile Administration Institute, at present, there is no compulsory domestic car in Nanjing that must be equipped with a fire extinguisher, but for a long time, whether it is on the card or the annual inspection, the staff will generally remind the owner of the importance of the fire extinguisher, but the owner eventually has no "Action", it depends on individuals. For some large vehicles, such as more than 9 buses, there are mandatory requirements. "Some vehicles require 4 fire extinguishers."

Expired fire extinguishers must be remembered. Recently, media reports have reported that there is no fire extinguisher in private cars in Yancheng, and what is the situation in Nanjing?

"I think this data is not reliable." An industry source said that although not mandatory, new cars are generally equipped with fire extinguishers. "In Nanjing, it must be said that 80% of the fire extinguishers can also be used for information."

Although many people have fire extinguishers, these fire extinguishers often become "furniture." The reporter interviewed several drivers and most of them indicated that they did not use fire extinguishers and did not know how to use them.

Miss Jin’s car was bought two years ago. At the time, the 4S shop sent a fire extinguisher. She had been in the trunk and never took it out. In general, a fire extinguisher is valid for a year or so and her fire extinguisher is likely to have expired. "I haven't used it once. I'll change it. No need."

There are a lot of car owners who have similar ideas with Miss Jin. Mr. Xu is an old driver, but never encountered a "big thing." Some time ago when he was cleaning the trunk, he discovered the fire extinguisher he had bought four years ago and felt that he would take up space and simply take home. However, he also said that the summer is the peak period of auto-ignition, he will consider buying a fire extinguisher.

The relevant personnel of the Nanjing Vehicle Administration Office are skeptical about the statement that “80% or more of Yancheng’s private cars do not have a fire extinguisher” but he also reminded private owners that they should not save the money. With fire extinguishers, we must also pay attention to the validity period, and do not use it when it is needed.

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