Introduction to the whole process of screw making process

The general flow chart is as follows:

Pan order operation

Refers to the original wire rod purchased by the raw material manufacturer. One disk element mainly includes the following parameters: A, brand B, product name C, specification D, material E, furnace number or batch number F, quantity or weight.

The main chemical components of carbon steel discs are: C, Mn, P, S, Si, Cu, Al, and the lower the content of Cu and Al, the better.

Drawing process

In order to achieve the wire diameter we need (for example, to 3.5mm draw line).

Cold heading

Through the interaction between the molds, the wire is cut, and the wire is first cut into a screw blank to form a head, a cross groove (or other head type), a thread diameter and a rod length, and a rounded corner.

Description: It can be designed according to the customer's needs. The commonly used head type is P-head, B-head, F-head, T-head and other common groove type with cross slot, slot, plum blossom groove, hexagon socket.

The cold-rolled blank is taken out of the thread, and the tooth pattern is formed by the interaction between the movable tooth plate and the fixed tooth plate.

Dental surgery

Changes before and after tooth decay

Threading machine

Tooth plate (template)

Heat treatment process

1. Purpose: To achieve higher hardness and strength after the screw is processed by cold heading.

2, the role: to achieve self-tapping lock on the metal, improve the mechanical properties of metal parts, such as anti-twist, tensile, wear-resistant.

3. Classification: A. Annealing: (700 ° C x 4 hr): elongated tissue - regular polygonization.

Cold processed tissue morphology

B. Carburizing heat treatment (adding carbon to the metal parts to improve the surface hardness, for metal materials with low carbon content).

C, quenching and tempering heat treatment (do not add elements to the metal, change the internal structure of the metal with temperature changes to get better mechanical properties).

Plating process

The surface of the plated product can exhibit the desired color effect and surface anti-oxidation coating effect.

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