Interpretation decoder debugging and setup

[ Huaqiang Security Network News ] What is the decoder? What does it do, mainly for those places? The decoder is an important front-end control device. Under the control of the host, the front-end equipment such as the pan/tilt, lens, protective cover and lighting can be activated.
The decoder can be controlled in either RS-232 or RS-485 mode. When the distance is close (less than 100 meters) and the number of pan/tilt is small (less than 4), it can be directly controlled by RS-232. When the distance is long or the number of pan/tilt is large, it needs to be controlled by RS-485. It is recommended to use the RS-485 method in the project. In this mode, the farthest control distance can exceed 1200 meters, and the bus can drive up to 64 loads, that is, 64 decoders can be connected to the same RS-485 bus.
In addition, the decoder's RS-485 bus also features transient voltage suppression to protect against lightning and anti-static shock.
Wiring and debugging instructions:
(1) ~ POWER is the decoder power input, generally should be connected to ~220V power supply.
(2) RS232 and RS485 are communication interfaces. When accessing RS232, pay attention to positive and negative polarity. Generally, the 9-pin RS-232 serial output of the microcomputer is positive for 3 pins, and the 5 pins are negative. After the microcomputer is turned on, these two controls The line cannot be short-circuited, otherwise it will easily damage the serial port of the microcomputer; when accessing RS-485, it should also be connected correctly according to the polarity of RS-485.
(3) The connection method of the pan/tilt and lens control line is as shown in the figure, and the corresponding two rows of terminals on the left side can be connected. The pan/tilt control voltage is selected by the connector from JXI. When the connector is connected to P3, it can control ~220V pan/tilt; when connected with P4, it can control ~24V pan/tilt. When the decoder is shipped from the factory, it is set to control ~24V PTZ.
(4) The AC output from OUT is used to control the wiper of the shield. The voltage is selected by the connector from JX2. When the connector is connected to P5, the voltage is ~220V; when connected to P6, the voltage is ~24V. When shipped from the factory, the setting ~OUT can output ~220V.
(5) ~ LIGHT output AC power is used to control the lighting, etc., its voltage is ~220V, the maximum current is 3A.
(6) O/C is a normally open or normally closed relay output. It is commonly used to control the on/off of low-voltage DC. The maximum current can be 1A, and the factory is set to normally open.
(7) GND and +12V provide power to the camera (maximum current 500mA).
(8) For the convenience of debugging, the control panel such as “Manual lens control”, “PTZ and other output manual control” is also provided on the circuit board. When debugging, use the short-circuit block to short the corresponding left and right copper posts of the control port to check whether the corresponding output voltage is normal.
Decoder address code settings:
At the top right of the decoder board is a double-row pin labeled JP, which is used to set the address code of the decoder. The address code has a total of eight bits and can be set to 256 addresses (0-255). The address code of the Nth road (1≤N≤256) shall be N-1, and the N-1 shall be converted into a binary representation. The short-circuit finger shall be represented as “0”, and the short-circuited finger shall be represented by the principle of “1”. It is easy to set the address code of any way.
The method of converting a decimal number into a binary number is to continuously remove the converted decimal number by the base 2 until the quotient is 0, and the remainder of each division is the corresponding binary bit, and the remainder obtained by dividing the first time is the lowest bit. By analogy, the remainder of the last division is the highest.

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