IKEA Rough and Simple Living Room Storage and Display Solution

The black wrought-iron glass shelf has a large storage space, and it can put a lot of items in one frame. The upper shelf is also very good as a display stand. Paired with seagrass storage baskets and black and white diamond-like short pile carpets, there is a kind of primitive rough beauty. If you also like this simple and rough style, you may wish to carefully look inside the matching details.

First, IKEA shelf recommendation

Product Name: Viterbo Shelving Unit, Dark Brown, Glass


Dimensions: Width: 100 cm, Depth: 36 cm, Height: 175 cm, Maximum load per shelf: 30 kg

Important features: A simple unit is sufficient to meet the storage needs of a limited space. If your needs change, it is also the basis for the expansion of storage solutions. Legs can be adjusted; it can remain even on uneven ground.

Product Description: Main Parts: Steel, Epoxy/Polyester Powder Coating; Base Plate/Top Plate: Particle Board, Melamine Film, ABS Plastic; Fixed Shelf: Tempered Glass

IKEA Style IKEA Style Decorated Glass Space Home Paint

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