How to prevent static electricity in car crashes?

The weather is dry. When we enter and leave the car's cab, we often pick up the static electricity. The little tingling always makes people feel slightly uncomfortable. So how can we prevent them?
How to prevent static electricity in car crashes?

First, friction and friction, do not rub the car on the rough fiber static electricity from the friction of fiber fabrics, especially chemical fiber products, so we should try to use leather, wool or cotton cushions, floor mats, seat covers, etc., but also pay attention Do not wear clothes that can blow up static electricity all the way.

Second, discharge!

Before opening the door, you can first touch the door with a metal object, such as a metal key. When you open the door and you don't have the key on hand, you can only touch the metal part of the door with your hand, and then open the door to avoid the string of cracks.

Third, to dry up the car room to fill the water Air drying is easy to stimulate static electricity, so it is appropriate to keep a little moisture in the car. The method is simple and crude - put a wet towel on the instrument panel, or spray a little water with a sprayer in the vehicle regularly. When driving, open the air-conditioning loop.

Fourth, the use of tools in addition to static electricity in addition to a special tool for static electricity - car wax and electrostatic discharge device. Some car waxes have a certain amount of anti-static ability, you can choose; and some vehicles have a special anti-static device designed to take away most of the static electricity for you.

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