How to prevent mushroom infection with cotton-like bacteria

According to the Chinese Pesticide Network , cotton-floated bacteria are also known as powdery mildew and mutagen. The bacteria is mainly caused by the dropping of the culture material into the mushroom house.
1. The symptoms of mushroom-infected cotton-like bacteria mostly spread in the soil between the soil and quickly grow to the surface of the soil. The hyphae are short and thin, growing in clusters, showing a cotton-like shape or a layer of layered cotton wool. It is a piece of white, and gradually turns into orange-red. Mushroom mycelium grows very poorly in the ward, and the resulting young mushrooms and primordia die and die.
2. Pesticide control measures for mushroom infection with cotton-like fungi. Fermentation of culture materials must be thorough. When the bacteria grow to the surface of the soil layer, spray 1:500 times carbendazim with 0.7 kg per square meter, or spray 1:500 times 50% wettable tobuzin with 0.5 kg per square meter (such as the disease every year, Available in 1:800 times carbendazim mixture). However, the application time must be carried out when the young mushrooms have not been unearthed to prevent the poisonous bacteria from killing the mushroom mycelium.

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