How to plant red leeks in early spring? Early spring red leeks cultivation technique

Recently, the sales volume of red leeks is relatively high, and it is also very popular among growers. Especially in the middle of March, the price is the highest. Is it difficult to cultivate red leeks in early spring? Next, Xiaobian will explain the cultivation techniques of the early spring red leeks for your reference.

1. Variety selection of early spring red leeks cultivation techniques

According to the needs of the market, choose a variety of colors that are extremely bright red, low temperature resistant, and highly resistant, such as a little red. You cannot choose a variety with a slightly reddish or reddish green color.

2. Early spring red leeks cultivation techniques

Land preparation can be carried out by hierarchical fertilization. 4 000 kg of manure rheumatism and 50 kg of high-standard compound fertilizer. Apply human excrement before turning to the ground, and then apply compound fertilizer when the joint is sputum. It is cultivated with sorghum and has a width of 2 to 2.5 meters. The intensive cultivation of the noodles is carried out, and the clods with no diameter larger than 1 cm are kept within 10 cm of the noodle cultivation layer, and the nutrient soil with the hoof is prepared.

3. Early spring red leeks cultivation techniques

The plastic can be cultivated before and after the spring; the cultivation in the solar greenhouse can be advanced to the end of January. It should be planted at noon on sunny days and kept sunny for 7-10 days. Before planting. First place the seeds in a warm water bath at 50 ° C for 20 minutes, continue to stir, then cool to 20 ~ 25 ° C, soak for 4 ~ 8 hours, for germination. When the rate of emergence is 80%, seeding starts (or does not germination). The amount of seed used is 5-6 kg. The surface of the glutinous rice can be thoroughly watered one day before sowing, and the mulch film is heated. When sowing, first mix half of the seeds with the nutrient soil and then scatter the other half, then smear the nutrient soil 0.5 cm thick and compact it with a watering can.

4. Field management of early spring red leeks cultivation techniques

Before the seedlings were unearthed, the ground covered the mulch and the greenhouse closed. In the plastic shed, a small arch shed should be covered. When the temperature is low at night, the small arch shed is covered with straw curtains. In the solar greenhouse, the grass curtains are covered at night. Artificial short-term heating can also be carried out if available. Keep the minimum temperature in the shed at not less than 15 °C and remove the mulch immediately after emergence. If the kneading surface is dry, use a watering can to pour some water. When it snows, clean the snow in time. On the basis of not affecting the growth of leeks, try to arbitrarily uncover the curtains at night, and cover the curtains at night, and strive for sufficient light to make the leaves of the leeks dark red. When the amaranth grows to 7 to 8 true leaves, it can be marketed. Can be pulled out of the whole plant, pulling up big and small. For fields with insufficient soil fertility, the nitrogen fertilizer should be traced once in time, 5 kg of urea, or 7 kg of diammonium phosphate, and water should be poured immediately after fertilization, and ventilation should be paid attention to. Note that it is not possible to apply ammonia nitrogen fertilizer such as ammonium bicarbonate or human excrement; to prevent ammonia from killing the leaves. The temperature inside the shed can be controlled below 35 °C.

5. Pest control in early spring red amaranth cultivation techniques

In the growing season of amaranth, pests and diseases mainly include blight and fall diseases, which occur in high temperature and high density fields. Therefore, for overly dense fields, spray 70% of Enke Orange 1 000 times, or 2s% of Toxic acid 600 times. Generally, it is sprayed once every 7 to 10 days, and even sprayed 2 to 3 times. In early spring, the temperature is low, the light is weak, and the growth of leeks is slow. When the seedling grows to 3 to 4 true leaves, 300 times of organic liquid fertilizer is sprayed once. Can both force the fertilizer. Fork can promote growth = spray 15 mg / kg sputum and 0.5% urea solution after 7 days, 1 week before harvest, spray 25 mg / kg "nine 20,000" once, can significantly increase the morning market, increase by about 20% Production. Economic benefits increased by more than 30%.

6. Early spring red leeks cultivation techniques to prevent convulsions

In the later stage of taking the whole plant and unlisting, if the market price is still high, the main stem can be harvested. However, since the amaranth is a long-day plant, the early spring is short. And the night temperature is low. It is very easy to twitch and flower, affecting quality and affecting yield (especially on side branches). therefore. When collecting the main stems and preventing the occurrence of tidbits in the side branches, it is necessary to turn on the lights for 2 hours at 12:00 in the first week before harvesting; when harvesting the main stems, the stems on the cotyledons are all collected. At the end, only 1 to 2 side buds are left. After the main stem is harvested, it is necessary to apply fertilizer in a timely manner to a total of 1 kg of urea. And watered through.

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