How to identify the pros and cons of colorful paints

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In the home decoration process, the number of users using colorful paints is increasing. At present, the colorful paints sold on the market have a large quality gap, and the advantages and disadvantages coexist. Therefore, you should carefully identify when you purchase, to prevent being deceived.

How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of colorful paints? There are mainly "four look":

A look at water soluble. After the storage of the colorful paint after a period of storage, the pattern particles will sink and a protective glue will be dissolved thereon. This layer of protective glue solution generally accounts for about 1/4 of the total amount of colorful coatings. Where the quality of the colorful coating, the protective glue aqueous solution is colorless or slightly yellow, and clear; and the poor quality of the colorful paint, the protective adhesive aqueous solution is turbid, obviously showing the same color as the pattern color, the main problem is not The stability of the colorful paint is poor, that is, the storage has passed, and it is not suitable for use.

Second look at the floats. Where the quality of the colorful paint, on the surface of the protective glue aqueous solution, there is usually no floating matter, there are very few float particles floating, often; but if the number of floating objects is large, the color particles are covered with protective glue coating liquid. The surface, even a certain thickness, is not normal, it indicates that the quality of this colorful paint is poor.

Third, look at the particle size. Take a transparent glass and fill in a half cup of water. Then, take a little colorful paint and stir it in the glass. Where the quality of the colorful paint, the water in the cup is still clearly bottomed, the particles are relatively independent in the clear water, the anions and cations are not bonded together, the particle size is very uniform; and the poor quality of the colorful paint, the water in the cup will Immediately becomes turbid, and the particle size is differentiated. A small number of large particles are like facial paralysis, and most of them are fine particles of villi.

Fourth, look at the sales price. Good quality and colorful paints are produced by regular manufacturers according to formula, and the price is moderate; while the quality is poor, some are cut corners in production, some are even personal counterfeit production, the cost is low, and the sales price is much better than the quality. Paint is much cheaper. If someone saves money and urinates, they will suffer big losses.

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