How to do waterproof is more effective

“Waterproof treatment” is generally used in kitchens and bathrooms so that water does not penetrate into the downstairs and walls.

The waterproof materials commonly used by regular decoration companies are Luban brand or Huili brand tar polyurethane waterproof coating rubber. The construction method is as follows: firstly level the wall or the ground, clean the team, and after drying, pour the waterproof coating material into the nail material for 3-5 minutes, then paste the tiles and floor tiles.

Please pay attention to the owners, some construction teams now use asphalt to replace waterproof materials in order to cut corners. Most owners do not understand the mystery. Asphalt is only 38 yuan / barrel (8.5kg), 4.47 yuan per kg, 2 squares per kg. The area, that is, the area of ​​each American language only costs more than 2 yuan of material money, and can not achieve a good waterproof effect.

The waterproof coating is very different. Compared with Luban waterproof, each group is 330 yuan (16kg/group), and the price is 20.63 yuan per kg. It is used according to the instruction manual. The dosage per square meter is about 2.5kg, namely: 51.58 yuan/square. Meters can definitely achieve waterproof effect from the performance, but the material cost is 49.34 yuan per square meter than asphalt.

Therefore, the general formal decoration company uses waterproof coatings, in order to ensure the quality of the project, on the one hand is responsible for the owners, on the other hand is to maintain the credibility of consumers themselves. Because, the formal decoration company has a one-year warranty commitment when signing the decoration contract. If the waterproofing does not require the construction of hard materials, the consequences will be borne by the decoration company. In order to pursue greater profits, the "guerrillas" cut corners and cut a shot and changed one place. If the owner has a maintenance problem, he will look back and may not even find anyone.

Therefore, consumers who remind the decoration room must be cautious about the choice of the decoration company; and carefully identify the asphalt and other waterproof coatings.

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