How to choose a quality wallpaper

In the current home decoration, wallpaper has become a very important wall decoration material, but there are many kinds of wallpapers on the market, and the quality is also uneven. The following small series will tell you how to choose high-quality wallpaper.

Material selection: The substrates used for wallpaper on the market mainly include paper, rubber, natural fiber, fiberglass, metal and fabric. In the home decoration, try not to use the rubber surface wallpaper, because the environmental performance of the rubber surface wallpaper is worse, and the breathability of the rubber surface wallpaper is poor, and it is easy to curl and yellow after being attached to the wall, which affects the appearance of the room.

Look at the effect: From a holistic perspective, a good wallpaper looks natural, comfortable and has a strong three-dimensional effect. Observing from the details, whether the pattern is delicate and layered, whether the tone transition is natural, the flower is not accurate, whether there are problems such as chromatic aberration, dead fold, bubble.

Touch texture: touch the wallpaper with your hand and feel the texture of the wallpaper. The key point is to touch the pattern part to see if the realness of the pattern is uniform, and then compare the left and right thickness of the whole wallpaper.

Rubbing the surface: The anti-smudge and scrub resistance of the wallpaper is also a factor to consider when purchasing. Therefore, when selecting, you can use a slightly damp cloth to wipe the paper surface slightly. If it is discolored or delaminated, the quality is not good.

Smell smell: smell the sample has obvious chemical smell, if the smell is heavy, it may be higher content of volatile substances such as formaldehyde and vinyl chloride monomer.

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