How much is a floor tile price?

When we decorate and purchase floor tiles, we often want to first understand how much floor tiles are worth and the price of floor tiles. Only in this way can we make a budget for decoration. Today, with the small series to see how much floor tiles and paste the price of floor tiles for your reference oh.

How much is a floor tile?

There are several common types of floor tiles: vitrified tiles, polished tiles, matt tiles, glazed tiles, printed tiles, non-slip tiles, and special acid-resistant floor tiles. The prices of different types of floor tiles are not the same, and the general price of floor tiles is more expensive. The number of floor tiles is a hundred, and the cheapest floor tiles are around twenty or thirty dollars.

Of course, the price of floor tiles is also related to the brand. The domestic well-known floor brands Dongpeng, Guanzhu, Marco Polo, Jinyitao and other first-class brands generally require a floor tile price of about one hundred yuan, and some special floor tile prices must be Up to three or four hundred yuan it? The floor brand bricks in the lower the price a little cheaper, generally in sixty to seventy yuan a piece of money; the last brand of floor tiles is the cheapest price, twenty or thirty dollars can also be bought.

Now people are most concerned about the price of floor tiles and color patterns for floor tiles. In general, cheap floor tiles may have a relatively large number of colors, and they are also relatively prone to hollowing. There are also bricks that are easier to crack and tilt, and affect the overall decoration effect. . If it is a more refined small apartment, you can buy a slightly better tile. If the room is large, you can selectively paste some tiles of good quality.

Sticking the price of floor tiles

The price of affixed floor tiles varies in each city because of different price levels. However, there is an approximate market for finishing now:

1, according to the tile floor area to calculate the price: the price of the general chef is 30-40 per square meter;

2, not according to the tile floor area, but according to the number of days on the floor tile: about 300 yuan per day.

The relevant information about how much floor tile is worth is introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will help everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

Floor tile

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