Home knowledge: teach you the maintenance of panel furniture

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1 Leveling the ground: The floor on which the furniture is placed must be flat and the four legs should be placed in a stable and balanced manner. Avoid placing uneven ground. If the furniture is arranged in a state of frequent swaying and unstable, it will definitely cause the hoe or fastener to be removed, and the bonded part will be cracked, thereby affecting the use effect and reducing the life of the furniture. In addition, it is not appropriate for the ground to be partially soft. Some people are accustomed to using wooden boards or iron sheets under one leg of the furniture to correct the disadvantages of the ground and to make the placement stable. This is also a bad practice. Even if the pad is flat, due to the imbalance of force, it will damage the internal structure of the furniture. The only way to make up is to trim the floor, or use a slightly larger area of ​​hard rubber to lay the south side so that the furniture legs are smooth.

2 Clean the dust: Wipe the dust on the furniture with a cotton knit cloth, and then use a soft wool brush to remove dust from the embossed or embossed pattern. Furniture that has been treated with paint should not be wiped with gasoline or organic solvents. It can be wiped with a colorless furniture glazing wax to enhance the gloss and reduce dust.

3 Keep away from the sun: When placing furniture, it is best to avoid direct sunlight from the window. Frequent sun exposure will fade the furniture paint film, metal parts will be easily oxidized and deteriorated, and the wood will be brittle. In summer, it is best to cover the sun with curtains to protect the furniture.

4 Isolation and wetting: The bottom of the residential building is often damaged by the humidity in the room. In summer, the humidifier should be used to limit the time to prevent the furniture from being damaged due to excessive humidity, such as wood decay, rusting of metal parts, and easy opening of the adhesive parts. Usually, wash the furniture as little as possible, and avoid using alkaline water. It should only be wiped with a damp cloth with water and then wiped clean with a dry cloth.  

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