Home decoration reminds the second decoration not to act rashly

Real estate companies to deliver the new housing, most of the residents can move directly to live in, but with the improvement of living standards, people often move to new homes before doing the renovation of the room, in the process of secondary decoration, due to The decoration design is contrary to the original design of the building, and there are some misunderstandings.

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The destruction of space The residents who moved into their new homes will carry out secondary renovations on their homes. The simplest way is to eliminate the original surface. There are also families that do not hesitate to spend money on ceilings. This not only wastes manpower and material resources, but also makes the already cramped living space more depressing. China's current residential standard floor height is only 2.8 meters, and the net height is mostly 2.6 meters. According to statistics, the net height of 2.6 meters is already the lower limit of people's psychological tolerance. Too low a room will make people's psychological pressure worse.

Ventilation damage The indoor ventilation of the occupants mainly depends on the sub-chamber door. There is a glass window that can be activated above the sub-compartment door. This can be done without closing the sub-chamber door without affecting the ventilation. However, some homes in the renovation, they remove the glass windows hinder the indoor ventilation.

Some residents often turn the north-facing balcony closed to a kitchen and use the original kitchen for other purposes. This has increased the area of ​​use, but has obstructed the original design of ventilation. Residual fumes in the kitchen have also become sources of indoor air pollution.

The destruction of electrical facilities often sees residents in the renovation, the situation of chiseling the wall hole and changing the line. Changes in electrical facilities can easily result in fire accidents caused by load, wire, connector heating, circuit leakage, short circuit, or improper protection. Therefore, the changes in electrical facilities must be treated with caution.

The load-bearing structure destroys the multi-storey houses in our cities. Most of them are brick-concrete structures. Therefore, the wall is first of all a seismically load-bearing structure, and the second is the retaining partition. When the residents re-decorated, in order to expand space, they often broke the load-bearing wall and opened a hole in the interior wall, weakening the load-bearing capacity and seismic resistance of the wall components, leaving serious hidden dangers.

In short, the quality of our residence should be based on the safety and physical health of residential conditions as the primary criterion. When carefully decorating and embellishing our home life, we must not step into the various misunderstandings of the decoration.

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