High-risk early rice pests and diseases, the Ministry of Agriculture advocates green prevention and control

    The reporter learned from the National Conference on Prevention and Control of Early Rice Pests and Diseases held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province recently: At present, most rice areas in early rice in China are in the stage of tillering and jointing, and the southern rice area in southern China has entered the ear stage. This is both a critical period of yield formation, but also the peak of the rice pests and diseases, as of June 3, the national cumulative incidence of pests and diseases of rice 9500 acres.

The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Agriculture said that the current disaster period of pests and diseases is also a critical period for effective control. All local plant protection departments should take more effective measures, seize key links to prevent and control, strengthen green prevention and control, and specialize in prevention and control, give full play to the role of plant protection technology to reduce production and ensure the safety of early rice production.

The Ministry of Agriculture has specifically proposed that local plant protection departments should first adopt green prevention and control technology measures to protect rice paddy ecology and ensure rice quality and safety. It is understood that for major pests such as aphids, rice leaf roller, rice blast, rice smut, and sheath blight, China has developed a number of mature green prevention and control technical measures, such as sexual attractants, ecological control, etc. It has stable control effect, convenient application and reasonable cost of prevention and control. The Ministry of Agriculture requires all localities to give priority to these physical control and biological control inputs that meet the requirements of green prevention and control, and gradually replace and reduce the use of chemical pesticides.




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