Hardware valves need to be automated through design and development

Hardware valves need to be automated through design and development With the transfer of the valve industry to China, not only has the capacity of China's valve industry been expanded, but also the overall level of China's valve industry has been raised, the visibility of China's valve industry has been raised, and the international market share of China's products has been increased. However, as China's valve products are in the process of development, ignoring the problems of industrial structure, production capacity, etc., China's valve industry has fallen into a predicament of stagnation.

The overall marketing level of China's hardware valve companies is still in the initial stage of the world, there is no brand building, no technological innovation capability, let alone control of the industrial chain. Mainly reflected in the single sales channels, the awareness of resource integration is not strong, product quality management, on-site production management has no effective methods and measures can not achieve effective control.

The low-end valves cannot support the future. The main attack design and R&D is the important way out for future industrial development. It will fully promote the construction of the valve automation technology innovation center, build the traditional industry transformation and upgrade platform for valves, and develop sophisticated products such as bellows globe valves. , control valves, regulating valves, while speeding up the cultivation of the industry's leading enterprises, build a national brand with world influence, bigger and stronger China's valve industry.

The valve industry of Europe and the United States and other countries is based on the principle of quality, reasonable interests, customer service, and the establishment of corporate reputation. It organizes, educates, and manages enterprises; takes every valve project and uses its production process as a control and management unit. Control and ensure the quality and performance of each valve. These factors have caused a large gap between the domestic industry and these developed countries.

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