Four practical tips for ceiling selection

Nowadays, consumers are renovating their houses, and they are increasingly inclined to choose integrated ceilings, especially in kitchen and bathroom spaces. With the development of the times, the diversification of the ceiling has gradually moved towards the whole house. How to quickly choose a high quality ceiling?

Pay attention to practical quality

Practicality is the most basic requirement for integrated ceiling products. If it is not practical, the decoration kitchen and bathroom will lose its original meaning. The market price of integrated ceiling products ranges from tens of yuan to several hundred yuan per square, and there are many low-priced special products. The gusset modules are made of waste materials, which are light in weight and short in service life. Consumers should pay more attention to the quality of the gusset when purchasing products. In addition, pay attention to whether the heating modules, ventilation modules, lighting modules and other electrical modules pass. International quality certification, etc.

Focus on health and look at environmental protection

Renovation of the room must pay attention to the quality of the decoration materials, especially the toxic substances like formaldehyde have great harm to people's health. Many integrated ceiling brands have developed green integrated ceiling products, whether it is ceiling or integrated appliances. They use environmentally friendly materials to create elegant, environmentally friendly and healthy products for consumers. In addition, energy conservation is also an important part of environmental protection. In addition to paying attention to the environmental protection of ceiling panels, consumers should pay attention to whether the electrical modules are energy-saving and energy-saving.

Feel free to use the service

The selection of integrated ceilings should focus on pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services. The three-point material is installed in seven points, and the correct installation can guarantee the normal use of the product in the future. It is understood that the first-line service personnel of big brands have received various professional installation trainings, and consumers should pay attention to the installation quality of the brand when purchasing. Many integrated ceiling products have a short warranty period, and many dealers have shoddy and replaced them with inferior and thin materials, which seriously damages the interests of consumers. Therefore, consumers should choose integrated ceiling products with good sales service, good brand reputation and long warranty period.

Choose a brand to see the details

As the saying goes: "Taste comes from the details, the details are perfect." The major elements have been thought of, the details can not be ignored. For example, when consumers choose to integrate the ceiling, they often only pay attention to the main board part under the misleading of the merchant and ignore the internal installation frame. This part of the auxiliary material is equivalent to the foundation and beam column of the building, and the cutting material is easily rusted and deformed, causing the ceiling to sink. Even collapsed. Therefore, as large as the plate, as small as the keel hanging pieces, consumers must carefully look at the purchase, one can not be sloppy.

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