Fluorine plastic pump introduction

Fluorine plastic pump introduced: At present, China produced within the fluoride plastic lined pump (large pump) such as: CQB fluorine plastic magnetic pump driven large magnetic pump lining material, IHF fluorine plastic centrifugal pump, FZB fluorine plastic self-absorption and In the ability to withstand the impact of pumps and fluorine steel pipe and other quality are poly-FEP (FEP F46 F46 pump lining and have very good corrosion resistance and good rigidity. Has been widely used in petroleum, chemical Industrial delivery of corrosive liquids and gases. Can be used under the following conditions: Temperature -80 ℃ ~ +160 ℃, resistance to vibration and distortion. Pressure ≤ normal temperature) 400mmHg column. During use, the vacuum range of 16 kg / cm 2 (instantaneous. Shows the unique performance. More knowledge to know the Yixing Zeus Pump Co., Ltd.!

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Tungsten FoilTungsten Foil

Tungsten Foil

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