Fingerprint locks lead the modern family quality life

1. An epoch-making revolutionary product
    Since human beings have their own private property, the door lock has become an important security product to protect the family. Therefore, using a mechanical key to open the door has become an indispensable tool in our daily lives. However, mechanical keys are often forgotten to be carried, lost, and even copied by people with ulterior motives, becoming a problem that plagues family life.
    The fingerprint lock is aimed at the problem of using a mechanical key, using sophisticated fingerprint recognition technology, applied to the door lock, and replacing the mechanical key with a finger to open the door, which is not only convenient and quick, but also brings a new experience to family life. KEYLOCK 's fingerprint lock product is the representative of this revolutionary product. Through its own technological innovation and improvement of the lock making process, the epoch-making revolutionary product of fingerprint lock is constantly popular in high-end residential houses and villas in major cities. community.
2 , modern family life quality label
    In our modern family life, because people are fast-paced and living under pressure in the fast-growing cities, the biggest advantage of using fingerprint locks is that they do not need to open the door with keys, which is very fast and convenient.
    Especially at home, please have a babysitter family. Once the babysitter resigns, it means replacing the lock core. It is very troublesome to replace the key. If the fingerprint lock is installed at home, as long as the fingerprint stored by the babysitter is deleted, there is nothing. Worried about it.
    What's more, nowadays smart homes are popular, fingerprint locks can be connected with smart homes, and show the taste of modern family life. Therefore, fingerprint locks, like high-end products such as famous cars and watches, have gradually become the labels of modern family life quality.
3 , international quality assurance
    Since the fingerprint lock belongs to high-tech products, the precision requirements are relatively high and there are certain thresholds. Therefore, the owners of our high-end residential and villa communities must understand the quality of fingerprint locks. In this regard, we recommend the only brand of fingerprint lock KEYLOCK Dijir , which is now popular in the international seven major supermarkets, with international quality, purchase with confidence guarantee.
    Users of our high-end residential and villa communities can choose fingerprint lock products from both the lock body technology and the patented technology. The lock body technology pays attention to the safety of use. When the lock body technology is closed, it is necessary to lift the handle. Most people will forget to lift it when they go out, which will form a safety hazard. The breakthrough lock body technology will be closed when the door is closed. It is automatically locked, and the material of the lock body is still pure 304 stainless steel. The driving patent technology pays attention to the service life. The general products use domestic micro-motors. As we all know, the motor drive is easy to rub and cause jam, which affects the service life of the fingerprint lock, and the breakthrough drive patent technology does not adopt. The motor is driven, but electromagnetic drive is used to achieve zero friction through the action of the magnetic field, so that the life of the fingerprint lock is longer and more stable.
    We recommend that the owners of the high-end residential and villa communities choose the fingerprint lock products to make the correct judgment. However, based on these two innovative technological breakthroughs, KEYLOCK is the only brand in China's fingerprint lock industry to enter the international seven major supermarkets and popular in the international market, and will lead the modern family quality life.


1. Storage cage/Wire container is made of strong steel, welded with U channel steel at the bottom to guarantee the load capacity;

2. Surface treatment: Galvanization; Bright and clean, corrosion resistance, long service life;

3. Wire container use bolt structure, providing easy access to product even when they are stacked;

4. Stackable: Wire container can be stacked to 2-3 layers, achieve three-dimensional storage; When not used, wire container can be collapsed and piled to save space;

5. With united specification and fixed capacity, it's convenient for identification of goods and inventory Count;

6. Casters can be equipped to make it convenient to move;

7. Cardboard or Wantong board can be equipped in the wire container to protect the surface of goods during storage and transportation;

8. Worked with hydraulic trucks, forklifts, elevators and other handling equipments, simple operation

9. Euro-style wire container is widely used in transportation, loading & unloading, storage and other logistics links, low cost and high efficiency.
The storage cages of different size, wire diameter and grid size can be made according to your requirements,OEM.

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