Experts point out: Small ground leakage is related to the quality of life

Compared to the "magnificent" renovation project, the floor drain is really too small. It is always arranged in the bathroom or kitchen in the most inconspicuous position, people ignore its existence. In fact, although the floor drain is small, the impact on home health is not small. Many families have probably encountered situations where the ground leaks flooded, overflowed, or crawled out. These are the troubles caused by floor drains—the floor drains connecting the sewers and the living room. If the “doors” formed by the water in the floor drains are destroyed, it is equivalent to the sewers being integrated into the room without any barriers. Is it scary? Therefore, the performance of floor drains will not only affect the quality of indoor air, but will even affect the quality of family life.

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Of course, in addition to the good quality of the floor drain during the purchase, if there is a problem with the installed floor drain, you do not need to feel desperate. There are actually many ways for the expert to give remedy. A fragrant environment.

In the case of a floor drain after acceptance of the construction, some water can be poured into the tank to check for obstruction on the one hand and to block the odor on the other.

Poor floor drains not only look unsightly, but also result in flooding and flooding after use.

The floor drain of the washbasin is often a place that is easily overlooked during the renovation and acceptance.

From top to bottom are: ordinary round floor drain, stainless steel floor drain, and eccentric water seal floor drain. There are many styles of floor drains on the market, and their textures are different. However, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it must be combined with its own needs when purchasing.

-market survey

The length of service life determines the price difference

When you go to the market, you will find that the style and texture of the floor drain are very numerous. From the material points are mainly stainless steel floor drain, pvc floor drain and copper floor drain. From the functional point of view, there are anti-odor floor drains with elbows, floor drains, ultra-thin floor drains, and floor drains for washing machines. Among them, the floor drain for the washing machine is a rotatable cover in the middle. When it is not in use, it is covered, and when it is opened, it is more convenient.

Stainless steel floor drain has always been popular with consumers because of its good performance and beautiful appearance. Although the copper floor drain has good performance and is well cleaned, according to Zhang Qiming, an engineer from European and American decoration company, the electroplating industry is severely constrained due to environmental reasons. The copper floor of the market has a thin chrome plated layer and rusts over time; while the pvc floor drain has a good deodorization effect. However, its disadvantage is that the material is too brittle and easy to age. In particular, the winter temperature in the north is low and it takes too long to be needed. Replaced, so the market is generally.

Different floor drain prices vary greatly. Ordinary PVC floor drains range from $15 to $35. High-quality stainless steel or copper floor drains can be sold for more than 100 yuan or even two or three hundred yuan. According to reports, the price difference is mainly determined by the length of life of the floor drain, and both are basically the same in terms of function.

- Floor drain installation

Do not forget to seal the seam after the completion of the construction

According to Zhang Qiming, the installation of floor drains is more complex and must be completed by professionals. When installing, it is necessary to pay attention to: First, trim the drainage reserved hole to make it completely coincide with the floor drain that was bought back, because the reserved holes for real estate developers to drain water are relatively large. Among them, the open hole diameter of the floor drain rake should be controlled between 6-8mm, which can prevent the entry of dirt, sludge, sand and other dirt; Second, it should be grasped that the inlet of the multi-channel floor drain should not be too much. Multi-channel floor drains have been developed in recent years. There are usually 3 to 4 inlets in a body (accepting face washers, bathtubs, washing machines, and floor drains). This structure not only affects floor drain displacement, but also does not meet actual design conditions. . Therefore, the intake of multi-channel floor drains should not be excessive, and two (ground and bathtub or floor and washing machine) can fully meet the needs.

Zhang Qiming also emphasized that after the construction is completed, it is imperative for professionals to seal the gap around the floor drain with glass glue or other adhesives to ensure that the odor cannot be emitted.

- Floor drain troubleshooting issue 1: Floor drain pan-flavor

Analysis of the reasons: It may be that the height of the water seal of the floor drain is not enough, and it is easy to dry, causing the odor in the drainage pipe to flood into the room.

Solution: First, the floor drain does not necessarily have a return bend, and one can be added to it. Second, change the same floor drain with the same brand, the same specifications. However, during construction, be careful not to damage the waterproof layer. In addition, it should be reminded that during use, water seals should be prevented from drying out and regular water injections must be performed. If you leave for a long time, it is best to seal the floor drain with a lid.

Question 2: Floor drains

Analysis of the reasons: It may be that the cross-section of the floor drain is not smooth enough, the sewage cannot pass quickly, or the internal structure of the floor drain protrudes, and dirt such as hair and fibers is caught.

Solution: The height of the floor drain is determined by the way in which the drainage system is routed. Therefore, the floor drain heights that are used in conjunction with them are preferably within 200mm and within 120mm, respectively, and must be drained laterally. The commonly used concealed installation method is that there are two types of toilet floor slabs that are partially submerged and toilets are cushioned. In order to meet the toilet height and ergonomic requirements, the former sinking clearance of 300mm, the latter's cushion height up to 170mm.

Question 3: Water leakage

Solution: Open the floor tiles around the floor drain, dig out the surrounding cement 3cm deep, and then use the “plugging spirit” to seal it. After 1 hour, do a water shut-off test to see if it still seeps. If it does not leak, it means to restore the original status.

Question 4: Install a floor drain

Solution: In the original place where there is no floor drain, there are generally two ways to increase the floor drain: one is to raise the ground and cloth the water pipe; the other is to pierce the floor and reinstall the water pipe.

- floor drain

More than ten yuan floor drain can also be durable and easy to use

According to Zhang Qiming, the floor drain can not deodorise or prevent overflow, and the key is the quality of the floor drain product itself. Therefore, you should pay enough attention to your purchase.

The two main points for selecting the floor drain are: the structure is reasonable and easy to clean. Reasonable structure, including water seal depth must reach 5 cm or more; easy to clean because the floor drain to exclude surface water, often involved in some hair, sludge, sand and other dirt. In addition, at present, there is no national standard for the size of the floor drain. Therefore, the work for floor drain must be completed at the design stage of the decoration before the drain outlet can be constructed according to the size of the floor drain.

Many people believe that the more expensive the floor drain, the better. It is not. As long as the purchase of the above principles, more than ten dollars can be as durable and easy to use. Zhang Qiming reminded that there is a new type of spill-proof floor drain on the market that is more expensive, and it has a rebound device, but it can easily cause dirt to clog and cause poor water.

- Landscaping

Take a floor drain as a center to make a small "pond"

As people pay more attention to the quality of decoration, many designers have begun to include floor drains as part of the interior design and strive to take into account both practical and aesthetic aspects.

The floor drain in the dry area can be set in an inconspicuous place, because there will not be much accumulated water on the ground. In the wet area, for example, in the shower area, not only can it not be hidden, but it must be lower than the ground by about 10mm. , may not be very good-looking. At this point, you can decorate with some designs. For example, to hide the floor drain and make a hollow metal hollow decoration on it, it can resonate with the indoor effect and also play a role of “secondary filtration”. Alternatively, the ground around the floor drain can be tiled with a curved, sloping pattern that is both beautiful and helps to increase the speed of the water flow.

In addition, you can also make use of the characteristics of the toilet floor being elevated, and make a small “pond” with the ground drain as the center.

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