Emery floor performance characteristics

It is evenly spread on the concrete surface in the initial setting stage. After solidification, it forms a dense whole and super hardened surface layer with the concrete floor. It is resistant to pressure, impact, abrasion and has high precision and high coloration. Performance wear-resistant ground. Construction with concrete floor, shortening the construction period, no need to construct mortar leveling layer.

System characteristics

The construction is simple, directly spread on fresh concrete, saving time and labor, no need to apply mortar surface layer; high wear resistance, reducing dust, improving impact resistance, improving oil and grease resistance.

Humic Acid series products is from leonardite,it's the best organic fertilizers for plants,our company has private leonardite mine in northwest of China,total reserve is 18 million tons,that leonardite is the best raw material for making fertilizers,C.E.C is very high(400-450meq/100g),humic acid content is more than 70%.

In agriculture field,our main products are humic acid, Fulvic Acid ,Potassium Humate,Sodium Humate,Potassium Fulvate,etc..some part products are used for soil,some parts are used for plants directly,and fulvic acid are used as raw material for making water soluble fertilizers and pesticides.

Humic Acid For Agriculture

Humic Acid For Agriculture,Super Potassium Humate,Soluble Potassium Humate,Humic Acid Fulvic Acid

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